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Sea & Sand: 15 Celebrity Parents With Caribbean Roots


Claudette Ortiz (R&B Divas LA) Exclusive: Talks Hitting Rock Bottom & Baby Daddies [Pictorial-Video]

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Kissing And Telling: Wyclef Jean Still Talking Lauryn Hill “The Love Is What Destroyed The Fugees” [Video]

Is this his only claim to fame now, Lauryn Hill?

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Ninja Please: Wyclef Jean Confesses His Affection For Swirlin’ Sarah Palin

So brothas just gonna start coming out of the woodworks talkin’ bout how they love Sarah Palin after finding out she’s been swirl surfin’??? Continue »

Wyclef Wants To Grant Haitians Dual Citizenship

Wyclef Wants To Grant Dual Citizenship

When Haitians become citizens abroad, they officially lose their citizenship in Haiti. Wyclef wants to change this law because he believes, people who leave Haiti should continue to be a part of the decisions made in their native country.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Hip-hop artist and presidential candidate Wyclef Jean says that if he is elected he will work to change Haiti’s constitution to allow dual citizenship and give Haitians living abroad the right to vote.

The former Fugees frontman said Haitians abroad “should have the right to vote in their country,” especially since they send billions in remittances to family members.

Currently, Haitians who emigrate can only hold citizenship in one country and must renounce their Haitian citizenship if they become citizens of another.

Wyclef, who was born in Haiti but raised in New York, spoke to The AP last night at a Port-au-Prince airport.

He was arriving in Haiti after a concert in Belgium.

Although many countries already have dual citizenship for it’s citizens, it’s interesting that this is one of the first things he wants to address publicly. Uh.. Wyclef? This sounds all good and everything but people can’t eat votes. Any plans for rebuilding the nation?


Wyclef Wants Brangelina To Add A Little Haitian Orphan To Their Brood

"Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt and five of their six kids"

Wyclef has been doing a great job of helping kids in Haiti who survived January’s devastating earthquake, but now he’s looking to his famous friends to help even more by adopting –recently making a public appeal to Brangelina to add another tot to their tribe. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Is Shaq Hittin This???

Lisa Ellis Sony Music Shaquille O'Neal

First Wyclef, and now Shaquille O’Neal has been rumored to be getting it in with Sony Music Exec Lisa Ellis: Continue »

Wyclef Compares Himself To MLK Jr. After Being Accused Of Cakin’ Mistress With Yele Haiti Charity Funds

Ever since Wyclef decided to go hard for Haiti, any spec of dirt that someone finds on him has been making headlines. Unfortunately, Wyclef has decided to respond to all the rumors via Twitter. SMH @ this dude comparing himself to Martin Luther King, Jr.

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