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F*** The Police: Sober Black Man Arrested For DUI Despite Blowing A 0.00 Breathalyzer Test! [Video]

Jessie Thornton

Black President or not, “Driving While Black” is still in FULL effect ’round America! Continue »

You Can’t Be Serious: SmartPhone App “Setting Captives Free” Claims It Can Cure People Of Gayness!

Door Of Hope

For 99 cents you can be freed from your box-chasing, backdoor bandit mentality…SMH Continue »

People Ain’t Isht: F*** Boy Looters Popped With Pockets Full Of Pilfered Possessions From The Homes Of Oklahoma Tornado Victims!


Chances are these looters don’t have a home to take the isht they stole back to anyway! SMFH! Continue »

Cousin Skeeter: Oregon Sicko Accused Of Spraying His Manly Juices On Other Passengers After Playing With His Peen On The Bus


Fellas, don’t man-handle your meat in public. It’s just gross. Continue »


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