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You Can’t Be Serious: SmartPhone App “Setting Captives Free” Claims It Can Cure People Of Gayness!

Door Of Hope

For 99 cents you can be freed from your box-chasing, backdoor bandit mentality…SMH Continue »

People Ain’t Isht: F*** Boy Looters Popped With Pockets Full Of Pilfered Possessions From The Homes Of Oklahoma Tornado Victims!


Chances are these looters don’t have a home to take the isht they stole back to anyway! SMFH! Continue »

Cousin Skeeter: Oregon Sicko Accused Of Spraying His Manly Juices On Other Passengers After Playing With His Peen On The Bus


Fellas, don’t man-handle your meat in public. It’s just gross. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: O.J. Simpson Back In Las Vegas Court To Plead For His Freedom


Guess when you’re facing the possibility of spending the rest of your life in prison it doesn’t hurt to try right? Continue »


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