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T-Boz is still firing shots at Rihanna and her fans!

T-Boz Says Rihanna’s Fans Threatened Her Daughter And Bullied Her

We recently reported that TLC Singer T-Boz blasted Rihanna for dressing like a slore. Rihanna and her loyal Navy went IN on the singer on every social media platform available.

Well, it looks like T-Boz is still upset about all the drama and talked to Dish Nation and continues to slam RihRih and her fans:

“This particular artist, she actually subtweeted our picture or something. So I was like, ‘Wow, even the artists are doing it?’ And especially being in this business, as artists, you should know how this works.”

The showed some tweets sent to T-Boz from Rihanna’s Navy; she is told to kill herself, get AIDS and she was even called a “sickle-cell anemia b*tch.” T-Boz says her young daughter was even threatened by the Navy and told her kill herself:

“Cyber bullies can catch a brick. A whole ton of them. Because I lose no sleep over that and I dare somebody to come to my face and say something. “

“22 years in the business and I’ve never encountered something like that because I think they’re cowards.”

T-Boz says she was confused by the Rihanna drama because she feels like she didn’t say anything wrong:

“When is it bad to tell a young girl a positive message? What I said was ‘there’s a lot of girls’…we were talking about TV, movies, and singing. The lady said did you see what she wore and I said no because I’m on tour. I’m on stage selling out every night, every night boo.”

Do you think Rihanna should apologize to T-Boz for the drama and disrespectful tweets from her fans??




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