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Good flick, bad business?

The new race-themed comedy “Dear White People” is set to make it’s big screen debut this October 17th. While we expect to get a GREAT laugh at the absurdity of some white folk’s stereotypical view on people of color, we felt it reasonable to ask if the big-wig mucky-mucks who run the Hollyweird studios will actually take heed to the underlying message the film intends to convey.

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph (a white woman) is of the opinion that the movie runs the risk of coming across as very, wait for it, “angry” (the infamous buzzword). According to Grace, the best way to engage white folks in a discussion about stereotypes is to feed them honey as opposed to vinegar.

Peep her review of the film below.

What do you think of the points Grace’s points? Do they hold any merit, or is she just as delusional as the white folks in the movie? We look forward to reading your response in the comment section.

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