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Plenty of room in Hell for these kind of savages

Looters Steal Victim’s Personal Items From Malaysian Airlines Crash Site

Via NYDailyNews

A mob of cold-hearted looters swarmed the Ukrainian field where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed Thursday, pillaging victims’ possessions from the site where 298 people died.

Officials have no idea how many items have been mercilessly stolen, but the raids could interfere with the investigation into the airline disaster, USA Today reported.

Investigators pulled luggage from the charred crime scene Friday, but many pieces had already been opened and riled through, witnesses said.

Among the items the raiders left behind: a Minnie Mouse lunchbox, a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal, family photographs and still intact passports.

The looting at the massive 10-mile crash site is only part of the investigation’s chaos, USA Today reported.

The recovery effort lacks organization. Possessions found in the debris — the ones that have not yet been stolen — have not been categorized as per standard crime scene procedures.

The scene has not been roped off, and unidentified men are allowed to walk into the area. That move likely encouraged the heartless ransacking.

What type of fawked up life do you have to have to run up on a plane crash site and go shopping like it’s Walmart??? SMFH.

Image via AP


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