Busta Rhymes Would Gladly Trade Rap for TV Career

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Busta-a-Bust is okay with rap, but he’s really diggin’ on an acting career:

BUSTA RHYMES would jump at a chance to pursue a career on the small screen – and would happily hang up the microphone if he was offered the big bucks to swap rap for TV.

The Touch It hitmaker, real name Trevor Smith, is an avid follower of actor Hugh Laurie’s medical drama House and the hit crime series CSI. The hip-hop star has tried his hand at acting with small roles in films like Shaft in 2000 and 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, and admits following in Will Smith’s footsteps and landing a role in a TV series would be a dream come true.

He says, “Yes I would (pursue a full-time TV career). I’m a big fan of House. I’m a big CSI: Miami fanatic. “And they pay good. The Will Smith money is still crazy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and all that. I got to know about what that syndication money look (sic) like.”

Smith started out his acting career in the popular comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before catapulting to superstardom with roles in blockbuster movies like 1996’s Independence Day and Men in Black in 1997

Sh*t, with those record sales looking the way they are, this is hardly a surprise. Busta Rhymes has definitely had some decent performances over the years, so how do you all think he’d fare as a full-time actor?

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  • T

    I don’t you have what it takes to do it big, Busta.

  • Melo

    He should just retire…Period.

  • RLS

    I’m so over that homophobic clown. He probably wants to get into “acting” now that he knows he’ll never sell records like he used to anymore.

  • http://www.KeepItTrill.com Trill Chris

    Man, some haters in these comments. I’m not from up north and would never consider living up there, but Busta is one of the sickest rappers there is period. The stuff he’s been putting out recently is still shittin on everyone else, so its not his fault if records dont sell… The music industry is changing, if you haven’t noticed. Hollywood money and TV money is where its at anyway. Go get Busta!

  • Woudat X

    This just in: ” Busta to quit rap for a tranny *er- excuse me* tv career

  • riri

    His gut is almost as big as his his booty. lol

  • Moreaces

    My question is what has he been eating

  • Mika T

    Dat’s my nicca, but he looks like he needs to loose a lil bit of weight! Ya gotta get right for the big screen! Just bein honest.

  • ...

    That’s where the money is.

  • http://ilovejay.com Mika T's wife

    Hey boo!! Im ready for your va-jay-jay!! come on over so i can beat it up real quick.

  • Neyo Is Gay

    The best rappers turn actors in my opinion are Will Smith Queen Latifah Mos Def and that Raz guy I forget his name but I feel these few rappers turn actors are leggit. I guess Ice Cube and LL are ok but Ice T is terrible along with the rest of the wanna Bees

  • Neyo Is Gay

    Busta was never good looking, just someone in the business and had a different voice to go along with his rapping. But DAAAAAAAAA Ole dude look really Pitiful here lately.

  • always knew

    he should probably retire…But, I wish him well..

  • huh

    He is getting way too big. He looks like a bunny rabbit.lol.



  • yoggie

    he should start out with CELEBRITY FIT CLUB!

  • chaka1

    $$$$$ is all he cares about.

  • NeNe

    He should be ashamed for getting that heavy. He has enough money for a gym membership. I wouldn’t his show either.

  • ysr

    Busta needs to stop eating, damn he got fat

  • make no apologies

    hit the gym fat boy

  • Mel

    He’s going to have to change his name to Busta a Seam or Busta a Stitch.

  • Manuel

    How many months he still has to go before having a baby?lol

  • Coko79

    I can’t stand Busta for what he put his bodyguard that got murdered family through…I respect TI for taking the stand against the people that killed his bodyguard/best friend…Busta on the other hand told the family he would do whatever he could and didnt cooperate with the police at ALL and to think that man lost his life protecting him…SMDH

  • Sim1

    of course hes ready to trade rap for an acting career – cuz his rap career has gone to SHIT! his fat ass.

  • roni

    Um No thank you.

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