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The first dog has been introduced to the First Family. He is half black and white…ironic enough. The dogs name has come under some controversy, the name was supposed to be Charlie, but it seems it has changed to, Bo.

We have an interview with the First Dog . You read that correct:

Reporter: Charlie, cats out of the bag on your big debut, we broke the story first. Your country awaits your first official comments.

Charlie/Bo: You called me Charlie! Someone was calling me Bo earlier. I think I’m in the midst of an identity crisis. New house, new family, new name, neutered…..? Not sure on the last one yet but I will say the new name hurts a bit. I like Charlie.

Reporter: They sped up your delivery. Any added pressure? All eyes on you today.

Charlie/Bo: No, I always have my “Game Wag” on. That’s one thing this country can count on. Me, waggin’, lickin’, fetchin’, being noble and friendly. Welcoming guests and representing the USA is my top priority. God bless America!

Reporter: Speaking of America, you are Portuguese and are now representing us on the World stage. Your qualifications?

Charlie/Bo: Going to have to blow my own dog whistle a bit here so forgive me. My heritage is that of a sensible and loyal companion. I’m brave, intelligent, confident, but still friendly and wise. My fore-dawgs were water dogs that lived on working boats. We have earned respect over many years. I feel a deep kinship to this family already. To this country.

Reporter: Whets the deal with the lei?

Charlie/Bo: My new Master, Barack, is from Hawaii. This was an easy way to charm him and tell the rest of the country “Hey, I like to party”.

Reporter: Care to comment on WaterDogGate?

Charlie/Bo: You talking about the Leak? I’m getting better at holding it till I make it to the South lawn.

Reporter: No, the other leak.

Charlie/Bo: No comment.

Reporter: Would you like to comment on anything? The floor is yours. We put paper down just in case.

Charlie/Bo: Really, cheers. Thanks. Ok, I want you all to take one of those polls. I know you good folks at the New York Times and Washington Post had em’ to see if my pic was legit here on FDC a few days back. (it is) If you’re not bitter, would you do another one and ask this question “Charlie or Bo?”

Bossip is voting for Bo.



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