Camp Breezy Denies He’s Getting His Rebound On

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

In the realm of Chrihanna, more “he-said-she-said” sh*t is afoot:

Chris Brown has blasted reports he is dating an ex-girlfriend just weeks after his split from Rihanna. The R&B star broke up with the Umbrella hitmaker after their well-publicized bust-up in Los Angeles in February (09).
Brown is facing two felony charges of assault and making criminal threats in relation to the incident – but gossips have frequently speculated the couple is back together.

But a new report suggests the singer has moved on from Rihanna – he was allegedly spotted out in Los Angeles with his ex Erica Jackson. The student dated Brown several years ago, and a source tells the New York Daily News they got back together a few weeks ago. The newspaper alleges Brown and Jackson were seen visiting a Los Angeles tattoo parlour on Saturday (11Apr09).

But a spokesman for Brown denies any romance: “He did go to a tattoo parlour with someone from the studio named Dean. There was a woman there who was a friend of Dean. There is no truth to this at all. Chris does not know the woman nor does he know the name of the woman.”

Whatever. You can bet that little woman beater is out there tearing up some kinda cakes – in more ways than one – SMH.


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  • Nique


  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    I hope he has moved on. You never heard of him doing anything before he got with Rhianna.

    Breezy keep you head up

  • Nique

    I hope not.He needs to be focusing on getting himself 2gether b4 jumping in2 another relationship

  • Nigga Said

    Chris also denies attacking Rihanna, so his credibility is pretty much shot.

  • Mark

    I’m more inclined to believe his camp’s side of the story. I don’t think he wanna be pissing Ri off anytime soon.


    i still dont know what happened and yall actin like that broad is innocent.

  • Mrs. Rance

    These kids know they love the tats.

  • Aspen

    Chris Brown has hired a high profile lawyer with several years of legal experience. There must be some reason why he requested his client plead not guilty.

  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    Whoever the hell she is got a terrible wig on and did she pencil on her eyebrows?

  • jb_1030 (Dawn and Andrea should never be on camera without make-up again and you are a bitch if you try to hit a nicca with your jacket!!!!)

    Monring GLok

  • ANd What

    She moved on so why cant he? she needs to fix herself just like he do soooo what the problem….DO YOU CHRIS dont mind these haters


    Oh he just went to the parlor with her, but h doesn’t know her name…….Riiiiight.

  • Foxy Brown

    CB needs a new team. His PR are incapable of making him look anything but stupid.

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • Chris Brown

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  • mela

    @ Mark
    she did go out. her and her two best friends and her cousin were in kansas at pharrell’s concert.

  • goons

    well so what if chris is hooking up with someone..good for you chris.. leave that crazy brood and move on with your life..dnt mind the haters..

  • Vee aka Bossladee

    Morning Peeps. Breezy needs better PR and legal advice-he looks right goofy in some of these pics. Poor thing 😦

  • P!nk

    shes dumb as hell for gettin with him.

  • hermie

    didn’t chris check her….haven’t heard about her being in a club since…

  • Man, I just don't care™

    What’s up everyone?

    Damn “Family Guy” was funny as hell last night. Ok, carry on.

  • good

    Wait! Didn’t ya’ll say Chris broke up with Rhi Rhi before the Grammy’s and the PR team wanted them to stay in the public eye until it was over? Now, you are saying she broke it off with him? Comeon! Get your stuff straight. I hope he has moved on. This girl is way cuter and probably less trouble.

  • Mark

    All I gotta say is the concert was the night before. She came back early as shit. She could have chilled but she sped back to LA to check that boy. This girl is not over him. If she was do you think that her lawyer would be speaking on his behalf. All I know is that this girl went to see NERD in concert and rushed back the next morning for a reason. Why because she wanted to know whats up with Chris. That girl is always gonna be jealous.
    And for your info I know the moves they are making. Theres a reason Ri and Chris haven’t been seen since tuesday. Oh yeah they just both happen to be in the same city and don’t care. That chick is possesive as hell over that boy that why she flew back the next morning

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