In White Folks News: Justin Timberlake Dumping Cameron Diaz is Confirmed

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Those stupid blogs always get it first. Justin and Cameron Diaz recently confirmed their split and People Magazine via Justin’s homie has the scoop on their final days.

“He called me around Christmas to say they had broken up,” a pal of Timberlake’s told PEOPLE. “They’re not talking to each other because things are a little awkward.” A source close to the couple said part of the problem was: “I don’t think she’s so much into the scene like he is. He’s really young and he likes to go out. (He) hasn’t been into her for awhile.”

Hollyweird 101: When your girl starts to look old, time to replace her or start cheating. Looks like the replacement deal sounded like the better option.

Britney Spears “tried” to leave the trailer park look at the crib and hit up club Sideways in Hollyweird with her new boyfriend, model Isaac Cohen last night. She seems to have a thing for broke dudes looking for the “come up”. If you’re partying every night (I do mean “every”), drinking, getting banged, and snorting some coke lines, by the time you get home you are way too f*cked up to handle any parenting responsibilities.

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