11 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Makeup

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A flawlessly beat face may seem unattainable without the help of a professional, but we have you covered! With new beauty products constantly on the shelves it can be hard to keep up with the best makeup techniques today, but avoid the following list of makeup mistakes and you’re sure to walk away from your vanity mirror happy.

Hit the flip to see 11 common things you’re doing wrong with your makeup.

Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Makeup

1. Starting with a dirty face.

Excess oil and dead skin can cause your makeup to not look fresh or distorted. Using a cleanser or a good facial scrub beforehand will provide a fresh clean canvas.

2. Skipping primer.

Primer not only helps refine lines but helps the makeup last longer on the skin. Use a primer to fill fine lines and even skin tone before applying foundation. Most even have sunscreen and protect your epidermis from UV rays.

3. Using the wrong foundation.

Take the time to find the right shade that not only matches your skin tone, but also matches your skin type. There are liquids, sticks and powders that cater to oily, dry or normal skin. Choose wisely!

4. Applying foundation over your eyebrows and hair-line.

Apply foundation to your skin, not hair! Like your face, your brows need to be bare before enhancing, whether you prefer to primp them or not. You also don’t want your hair-line looking ashy.

5. Not touching your brows.

Whether you prefer a super defined brow or a natural look, you need to primp appropriately. Brow gels and brushes help the brows appear neat, fresh or dramatic, adding to your overall makeup look.

6. Too much blush or bronzer.

Apply makeup in adequate light to ensure you’re not overdoing your blush or bronzers. This makes your cheeks look burnt and unflattering.

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    7. Incorrectly choosing a concealer.

    Cream concealers are better for blemishes and thin concealers are better for dark circles. Are you using the right concealer?

    8. Not knowing when to use a nude or blush colored lip.

    An exaggerated or colorful eye with super bright lips is not normally flattering. If you want your eyes to stand out, use a nude lip. Conversely, A bare face plus nude lips can also make you look like you have dry lips. Add some blush.

    9. Using concealer on your eyelids.

    Buy a proper eye primer and shadow. Concealer on your eyelids can crack and appear to age your face.

    10. Not blending properly

    Properly blending your makeup is essential to its fluidity. Blend out lines, foundations and eye shadows for a more seamless look.


    11. Not using make up brushes properly.

    Just like an artist to a canvas, your makeup brushes are tools you have to master before you can create your desired look.



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