Bossip Best of 2007: Random Ridiculousness

- By Bossip Staff

Let’s take a look back at some of the best of Bossip in 2007, starting here with the BET Hip Hop Awards red carpet! Bryant Purvis and Carwin Jones of the Jena 6 were stuntin it up on the red carpet this weekend at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Look at them rollin up to the hip hop awards and kickin it at after parties like the Jena 6 is a rap group or something.

Runner Up: Sean Kingston and his 64 count crayon chain.

Even more interesting characters from the BET Hip Hop Awards right about now…

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  • Young Black Female



    Now those are some real brothas. The kind of brothas that have the kind of swagger a sista can respond to. Damn! I want to have their babies.

  • Young Black Female

    leesa are you serious?

  • Strong Black Man

    @leesa…lol what swag are you talkin about? the “public used to have sympathy for us, until we came to the awards show stuntin like we were celebrities swag”?? if you really tryin to have kids, i can be unfairly tried, weighed and measured only to milk it until it’s no longer an injustice but a blessing…book deal coming soon…

  • Baby Please

    LOL. My people. Tee hee hee.


    Usually i hate these useless niggers, but there is something intriguing about these brothas that just want to make a sista get her knees dirty.

  • Strong Black Man

    @Kat Williams…is that a noose around your neck?? lol that visual “N-Word”…taking all the power back right??

  • marv

    the fat jamaican boy with the ugly chain should have won

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    best of 2k7? That Sean Kingston clown crayon chain gets my vote.

  • jen

    They have opened everyones eyes to an old movement that still exsist ,Racisim. They should be any and everywhere they can as a reminder of what is still taking place in the world today. I just hope they are repping properly, or it will all be a waste.

  • Malcolm Hex

    @ jen

    If by “repping properly,” then you mean stomping on an unconscious kid and then crying when their asses get charged, then yeah. They’re repping like hell.

  • Miss B

    The Jena 6 profiling is a slap in the face to the whites who hung those ignorant nooses on those trees outside their school. Therefore, I do not see anything wrong with them profiling to show that you can hang nooses all you like but blacks in America are here to stay.

  • DM

    I would have liked for them to dress nicely and not like Li’l Wayne.

  • KillaBeeSwarm

    Don’t fall for the ‘Malcolm Hex’ race baiting flame material.

  • E$

    the purpose was to get them out of jail, not to hate on them.

  • Malcolm Hex

    Sorry, that should have been @ Killa.

  • BeHappy

    two upstanding citicens….NOT!

  • imrightdammit

    Jena 6 repulses me. Dumb ass people were marching to “Free Jena 6” when they committed a serious crime. It should have been “Justice for Jena 6”, and that would entail punishment for the crime they committed. These kids have been involved with numerous criminal activities, and need to be held responsible, not made into heros. And this doesn’t excuse the noose at the tree, they should be dealt with as well, but WE need to stop making excuses for black kids acting like violent idiots, and try raising them to know what is right and acceptable and what is just plain wrong. But I have a feeling they will be back in the criminal justice system again REAL soon.

  • *Breaker_1_9*

    AND ANOTHER THING…. This was the BET awards…did you really think they were going to come in a suit??

  • Joey

    They have no class and the wasted my time.

  • Sammy J. Parker

    It IS ridiculous, but come on…these are kids, after all…

    AND some might argue few great martyrs have been less self-involved.

  • Sammy J. Parker


    and leesa means, I think, that they’re great looking young men…and they are…they’re very attractive, silly and vapid, but nevertheless, attractive.

  • CCC

    that is why i didnt wear black cant be hyprocrites black folks both sides were wrong

  • lisa

    I found their at one big site, it seems that is Sorry. I forget the username.

    I will check if this is true. I will tell you the results soon.


    these little boys are so goofey what did they mean they wanna thank all the fans these doe does act like they have a record out how goofey is that they almost got tired for attempted murder i would have been like i wanna thank my people my black family that stood up for us an not let us fall victim to this racist system i would have held up my fist with tears in my eyes an yelled power to the people,i would have thanked God that people cared these lames act like they were super stars they showed no character an was a slap in the face for them to call supporters who travel from all over the country fans an dress like some wanna be rappers like they won song of the year i just shook my head like i cant believe this!!!!

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