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9 Types Of Friends Every Women Needs

Our bonds should be ones that are healthy and adding something positive to our lives. With balancing work, romance and possibly our own families, women can forget to make time for friendship. The following is a list of specific friendships every woman needs in life.

The Childhood Friend

This is the person who was around for your first game of truth or dare, was there to help you cope with braces and embarrassing growth spurts. They knew you at a simpler time in life so it’s easy for them to see good in you through any of your adult difficulties. Nothing can replace the sheer support of a childhood friend.

Work Buddy

This person relates to your goals and all of the relative stresses of your career. Americans spend more time at work than any other place, so someone like this is great to make work time more pleasurable. They’ll be cheering for you when get that promotion, remembering you both started in the same work space and there if you need work advice.

The Younger Friend

This friendship benefits three ways. You have a younger friend serve you a fresh perspective of what’s happening in the world and also to remind you of how much you have matured. It’s also rewarding to have someone who you can offer some advice to. This is a fulfilling relationship everyone needs.

Someone Of  A Different Culture

The obvious benefit of this friendship is that you get a broadened viewpoint from someone else’s cultural perspective. When you pick the brain of this friend, you get to figuratively step out of your environment. You now have someone who contrasts your life experiences and this is crucial to self understanding.

A Male Friend

Your male friend is there to help correct any misconceptions you have about the opposite sex. A true supportive male friend is honest when you’re making emotional decisions. He’s also there to help lift your couch when you upgrade apartments. Every woman needs a male friend.

The Older Friend

Your older friend is guaranteed to have you reflect on something that you’re doing in life right now that may affect your future later. It’s essential to get your notepad out around this person because whether you are similar or polar opposites, you will learn by example how to react when life takes a swing at you.

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    Your Exclusive Friend

    This person doesn’t know your sister, or your neighbor nor have they ever seen the person you are dating. They are exclusive from anything happening in your life so this takes your conversation to higher places. We all need someone like this to exercise our knowledge on other topics outside of our personal norm.

    A Neighbor

    Even in today’s hectic world it’s essential to get to know your neighbor. In case you’re ever locked out, take a vacation or if there is something devastating going on in your neighborhood, you have someone who has your back. We all want to feel safe in our communities and communicating with our neighbors is one step towards our safety.

    The Family Friend

    The family friend has known you, your mom and all of  your siblings forever. This may be your play cousin or a friend of your dad’s but this is a great person to have just in case you need a favor in organizing a family surprise or simply advice. If you have children it’s great to gain a family friend now, to build a safe network for them.

    The Workout Buddy

    Health and energy go hand in hand. If you especially have difficulties focusing on staying fit, grab a workout partner. This person is there to keep you in check. They’re there to help figure out an exercise schedule, to talk about health and share a healthy meal. Health is a lifestyle and probably why it is best to have friends who are also into staying in top condition. We think we got all the essentials types of friendships down. Was there any you would add or cross off the list?


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