Children Challenge James Brown’s Will

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This is the tale that never ends. James Brown’s kids are bitching that the singer’s lawyers manipulated him into creating charitable trusts from which they would benefit:

“There was sporadic indication that Mr. Brown intended to benefit some charities, but the circumstances surrounding the making of these documents have always been clouded in mystery,” Atlanta attorney Louis Levenson said.

Brown’s Longtime advisor Buddy Dallas claims that the children are desperately seeking money:

“No one told James Brown what to do,” Dallas said, adding that if he were going to use his influence to benefit himself, “I would have just influenced him into giving me something.”

This story is playing out like a made for TV movie. If the rumors about the worth of his estate are true, these fools will spend more on lawyers than what they will actually receive.


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  • Z

    FIRST!!!! yeahhhhhh, Is it me? thank u thank u

    first of all, sniff i’d like to thank….

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Arent these the kids who sued their father claiming they wrote some of his biggest hits in the 60’s?

  • A True Gem "2 Legit 2 Quit"

    Everybody got to act up, his baby momma and his kids and can’t forget the self-proclaimed Godmother of Soul Tammie Ray Brown…all these MF acting up. All we missing is big momma ham and Mac and cheese and we watching Soul Food part 2. LOL

    Damn folks get on my nerves…let this man rest in peace!


    This just once again show that Africanamerican people need to have the paper work inorder for times like this and keep that paperwork updated so these things would not happen,,Why are we so against,Life Insurance? and a good Will,,Even if its made out so the family will know just who get what

  • PHILLYDABOSS inda323

    ehhhh who cares bout james brown kids….

  • Baby Please
  • Gurrrrrrrrllll stop!!!!!

    Is he even buried in the ground yet? I think his last “wife” is pending DNA test, child support, her piece of the pie or something….dang…this story get sadder and sadder. I hope the courts fix this mess soon….

  • NubianGoddez

    Jesus take the wheel, what a ghetto ass mess, I will just bet most if any of these mf have a real job or even went to school, got a trade, own a business. get a damn life you bunch of losers.

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Why won’t they just let things be so that everybody can move on and JB can R.I.P???

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    James is probably rolling over in his grave right now. He was the man RIP king of soul.

  • cj

    This is why I have one child, no fight there!

  • DeeDeeBaby

    Shocking. Especially since JB was such an upstanding and magnificent father. I can’t imagine why his kids would want to contest the will.

  • lisa

    He looks so familiar. I saw his profile on the celebrities and millionaires dating site celeb mingle. com last week. It’s said he is interested in dating hotties on that site!

  • That's Life

    What did JB sing…’I don’t want nobody to give me nothin…open up the door, I’ll get in myself.’ His grown children still think someone owes them something.


    I like James Brown and I love his music

  • Jaycee

    They are going to squander their inheritance on Attorney Fees. Its always a good idea to make the lawyers rich instead of your siblings.

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