When the Checks Stop Coming In

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Poor Kwame. The runner-up from Season One of “The Apprentice” is getting evicted. A lien has been placed on his Harlem property for non-payment of charges since April 2006. Damn, all of that education and exposure and you still can’t pay your bills. Get it together.


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  • ImKeepingItReal4DaHooks

    who cares?

  • http://www.idontgivearatsass.com Bahama Mama IS SICK :-(


  • marv

    lol hehehehehehehe thats funny. im sorry this shyt its funny

  • http://www.impawards.com/1991/posters/five_heartbeats.jpg BrBro Man

    It’s hard all over for a Black Man.

  • can

    i’m sure he has a really good reason/story/excuse to explain this…

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    Damn!!! There must be a reason for this. Maybe he had a dispute with the landlord and refused to pay. You can’t make me believe this man is broke.

  • http://www.GOTSTRONG.com GOTSTRONG

    He porbably left the checks with a “FRIEND” to pay while he was gone. And, we know how a friend will do you every time.


  • Bones Jordan

    I don’t know. Kwame seemed(when he was in the limelight) like a really smart guy. I think there’s more to this or heaven forbid………dude got a serious habit.

  • http://www.spymac.com/details/?2324066 CLICK HERE

    I like his dress…

  • http://www.myspace.com/phillystudio PHILLYDABOSS inda323


  • andie

    This mess is a CRYING shame.

    I’m so upset. I was holding Kwame down that entire season of the Apprentice when Omorasa was trying to bring that brotha down in the final challenge. His ass should have won had it not been for that wench. As far as not being able to pay his bills, that’s really unfortunate because if i’m not mistaken he has degrees, the swag, the determination…obviously not as much sense as I thought. It should have been clear to me when he was poppin’ bottles of Moet on the show to celebrate before he even won. Damn. SMH.

  • Just a thought....

    All the degrees and money don’t mean anything if your living above your means!

    Too many younger people today (21-35) are living way beyond their means, living a lifestyle like a person that makes over $65,000 or $75,000 a year but they only making like $30K or $40K. Especially people in the 24-29 age group. I see it happen all the time.

    I mean you got young cats right now, they got degrees and they got a full-time job, but then they start buying property. It’s okay to start building wealth but buying property can be an extremely hugh risk and if you really don’t have the finances to back yourself up when things are slow or go sour, you can really mess yourself up at a young age.

    Who knows what happen to this brother. However, if it was a case of just simply living above his means, then I would totally not be surprised. If it’s something else, so be it. But I bet we won’t be hearing his side of the story for awhile.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kimmivic Kimmi Vic

    AND instead of spending so much time being mean, you should check out his site http://www.kwamejackson.com. He also just launched http://www.krimsonbykwame.com.


  • Bones Jordan

    @ Kimmi Vic, then what’s the deal?

  • http://www.myspace.com/catajstrophe Taj-A-Rooni

    Whether he got an eviction notice or not, let’s not all act like we have never got those bright ass 8X10 stickers or our doors at some point in our lives. We all struggle now and again. Lord knows I know, being a fashion photographer and all. But you do your best and make your way. What we need to do is support one another’s efforts, not snicker and hope one lands in a homeless shelter.

  • Frank Waters

    Just because u have credentials and exposure, that doesnt mean the bottom wont fall out. Its freaking hard out here, even the so-called professionals are taking hits. He’ll be okay, just has to stay focused and don’t stop believing in himself. There but for the grace of God, go I. So leave dude alone….

  • DivaDelicious

    I hope this is a temporary setback and that he will take this opportunity to comeback harder.

    To whom much is given, much is tested! Life hands everyone lemons and Kwame, take a minute to sip the bitter then go on and remix that into some Hard Lemonade!

  • OC Brawler

    Say it ain’ so!

  • Tipps

    Sounds like a personal problem, he better figure it out!

  • lisa

    He is a cuttie. He is also a playboy. I saw his profile on millionaire&celeb dating site CelebMingle.com last week.

    It is said he is only interested in dating young beautiful girls on that site

  • http://www.myspace.com/kyriamichele blkwriter

    I find this hard to believe. Wasn’t he in a magazine not too long ago and said he got offered a job making more than he would have if he got hired by Trump and that he was starting his own business.

    He seem to be too smart for this.

  • Nita

    I like Kwame. He was done wrong by Trump on ‘The Apprentice’, with a crab-barrel assist from Omarosa.

    I hope he gets his situation together. 😦

  • Nita

    ChicaGOrilla, you right about that. A degree won’t keep you from sleeping on the streets. I remember when all those stories about PhDs being homeless were in the news, but that was the 80s. All kinds of people have financial troubles. It’s how you manage to get out of them that matters.

  • Vivica

    Kwame should be evicted for that get up alone!! He was just a little too arrogant after the apprentice.. should have stayed with his previous 9-to-5-work-for-the-man job.. he would have had a paycheck coming in to pay those bills!!.. hell, that dude Bill Rancic, he’s on that corny iVillage show so he’s not doing much better either.. better hope those checks for his Bratz Doll wife, Giuliana, keep coming in..

  • nostradamus

    Kimmi Vic = Kwame!

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