BOSSIP Exclusive Interview With Jake & Papa: New “Athena’s Erotica 2.0” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Are ya’ll familiar with “Athena’s Erotica 2.0?”

It’s a new EP from R&B newcomers Jake & Papa. We love exposing our audience to new music and wanted to share this interview we recently had with the guys. Check it out below:

Bossip: So talk to us about “Athena’s Erotica 2.0” EP what can we expect from it?

J&P: “Athena’s Erotica 2.0” is available right now on iTunes, Spotify, and all that beautiful stuff! It’s Jake and Papa’s take on R&B. We like to make sexual warfare type R&B. We mixed Athena with the idea of Erotica to make that bedroom a nice  warfare scene.

Bossip: The EP is very sexually driven what made you guys want to show this side of you on the EP?

I think that’s what comes naturally for us. We are two young, vibrant men who love women and we love making women feel good it comes natural.

Bossip: We took a look at your short film Athena’s Erotica 2.0 and noticed that Papa was getting attacked by a groupie is this art imitating life?

J&P: Man it gets tricky sometimes we try to deal with it as professionally as possible..!

Bossip: We got a chance to see you guys perform at the House of Blues a couple months ago and you guys killed it! You guys did some throwback jawns from Ginuwine and Jodeci. Would you say your music is heavily influenced by them?

J&P: Definitely. We love citing the people who came through before us in our shows because it always takes people back. It’s fun and reminiscent  and everybody goes back to a time where it was about having fun. We love Jodeci, Ginuwine, and R.Kelly.

Bossip: You guys have been coined the 2014 version Of Jodeci. What does that statement mean to you guys?

J&P: It’s a huge statement! Naturally we are trying to establish the Jake and Papa brand, but definitely for us to be compared to a group like that we feel is one of the greatest groups of all time that we grew up listening to it is definitely a blessing. If we can have a fraction of their success, I know it sounds cliche but we would really really love that.

Bossip: Lately it seems like EDM & house music is taking over. Do you feel that the essence of R&B is dead?

J&P: No, people like to have fun and house music comes in handy when people want to turn up. Truth is everybody needs a little soul and some r&b! Nobody that I know wants to make love to house music. We need to procreate and keep the world going, we got to make some love and you need soul to make love. We never felt that R&B was dead we have been in the underground scene for sometime but there is a lot of people who are keeping R&B alive.. they are out there.

Bossip: Who are Jake and Papa listening to right now?

J&P: A little bit of everybody. We love Lana Del Ray, Jhene Aiko and Miguel of course. A lot of people out there we keep our ears to the streets and cop new music everyday.

Bossip: Celebrity crushes?

Papa: That’s crazy, mine changes everyday and these celebrities aren’t what they are all cracked up to be. I like the good ol’ girl next door.

Bossip: Who is someone you’d like to work with in the future?

Papa: Jhene, Kendrick Lamar, and I really love Tori Kelly if we did some joints with Tori Kelly I think that would be amazing, she is dope. And Lana Del Ray too her new album is unbelievable.

Bossip: Where can everybody get your music and where they can look out for you guys?

J&P: “Athena’s Erotica 2.0” is on iTunes right now so R&B is very much alive so go and check that out and cop that an follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and all that (Jake and Papa).

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