MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor Responds To Stephen A. Smith’s “Provocation” Comment With Personal Abuse Story

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Do you think that Smith’s stance on provocation fuels the victim-blaming mentality?

Goldie Taylor Speaks On Her Personal Abuse, Stephen A. Smith’s Statements

MSNBC pundit Goldie Taylor has a few choice words for Stephen A. Smith. After the ESPN correspondent suggested that women not provoke men to hit them, and subsequently apologized for his statements, Taylor took to her timeline to show Stephen A. Smith the level of vitriol victim-blamers have for women.

The television personality shared her story with her followers, and received a lot of criticism and push-back on her stance, many accusing her of “attacking a Black man” and continuing the blame cycle. Her full timeline is definitely worth a look, as she shares several more stories and counterarguments…but take a peek at her own personal struggle with abuse and blame, and how she feels statements like Smith’s are part of the issue:

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    She has a pretty amazing story of survival here. Do you agree with her that statements and the mentalities like Stephen A. Smith’s are what keep abusers empowered in our society?


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