“The Black Thing Is Over”- Babbling Bigot Glenn Beck Accuses President Obama Of Stirring Impeachment Talk To Gain Sympathy [Video]

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Glenn Beck Says President Obama Is Fueling Impeachment Talk

The GOP has been buzzing with talk of impeaching President Obama for any and every reason they can think of, but they have yet to act on any of their “threats” and right-wing radio host Glenn Beck says the POTUS is using it all to his advantage.

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Conservative radio host Glenn Beck accused President Barack Obama on Monday of fueling talks of his own impeachment in order to better position himself on, among other things, the country’s immigration issues, Right Wing Watch reported.

“Who wants it? The president does,” Beck argued. “Because then he’ll be able to say, ‘I demand justice.’ The birther thing is over, the Black thing is over. So now he needs to be able to call for justice.”

Beck complained that conservatives were “losing the PR battle” on the issue of immigration reform and said Obama would try to “change the subject” to allegations of impeachment.

Do you think anybody in the GOP is serious about impeachment?” Beck asked his staff. “I talk to a lot of the guys who should be the leaders of impeachment, if there was gonna be a leader of impeachment.”

Sounds to us like the Republican party knows they’re about 3 months out from taking a huge L in the upcoming midterm elections, so, as usual, they’re pulling out all of the stops to throw dirt on any and everything democratic…starting with the leader of the free world.

Additionally, if these halfwit GOP goons want to make empty impeachment threats and President Obama can find a way use their foolishness to his advantage rather than allow it to work against him, isn’t that what he SHOULD be doing? You can check out the full video of Glenn Beck spewing his nonsense below.

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