10 Burning Questions About Beyonce & Jay Z’s Rumored Split

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Burning Questions About Queen Bey & Humpback Hov’s Rumored Split

The internet has been buzzing over a potential Jay Z/Beyonce split fueled by the infamous elevator incident, petty outbursts on tour and mysterious “sources.” For months, all eyes have been on the power couple’s every move looking for any and every clue into their reportedly miserable marriage that’s sparked more and more unanswered questions by the day.

Hit the jump for burning questions about Beyonce & Hov’s rumored split.

Did Beyonce finally sober up and see THIS after being drunk in love for so long?

What if those “too-outlandish-to-be-true” rumors about President Obama and Beyonce are true? Remember when Bey melted into the heart eye emoji in his presence?

Or when our Commander-In-Chief was caught whispering the late-night rendezvous point (or Plies lyrics) in Bey’s ear?

Could that explain why Hov is so insecure?

First those pesky Julius rumors, then the Obama rumors and now all the pics of her staring at everyone in front of Hov? But it’s all good?

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    Never forget.

    Orrrr they both cheated and don’t trust each other?

    To date, they’ve never revealed why A) Solange beat on her elderly brother-in-law B) why Beyonce was smiling like her husband wasn’t just viciously attacked in an elevator or C) why Beyonce didn’t flinch when her sister windmilled her husband but everything is OK?

    What would happen with Blue Ivy? Would they fight for full-custody or co-parent? It already seems like she’s raising herself and doing her own hair.

    Do you really believe Solange assaulted Hov over Rihanna? Or was it something petty like him telling her to fix her crooked wig or wash her face?

    Maybe Hov was just tired of his wife trying to steal his ideas and snapped?

    Trouble in the kingdom?

    Or all good?

    Stay tuned.


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