Fair Or Foul: Flight Attendant Won’t Allow Passenger To Recline Seat On Grounded Flight, Gets Disrespectful! [Video]

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It seems like customer service has gone completely out of the window when it comes to air travel these days.

B.O.B.’s Manager B.Rich Describes Incident With Rude Delta Flight Attendant

We wanted to get your opinion on the recent Delta travel experience that was documented by B.O.B’s manager B.Rich. He recently took to his Facebook account to describe a troubling incident that happened aboard a flight to LA, where he opted to recline his seat after the flight ended up sitting on the runway for quite some time. Here’s what happened in his own words:

After a long 4hr flight to Los Angeles from Atlanta we land and then we sit on the runway for 45minutes. I decided to let my seat back because my back was hurting from lung surgery that I’d had 7 months before. The Delta flight attendant came and let my seat up  and told me that he doesn’t believe that my back is hurting. Keep in mind that we have already landed and we are waiting for our gate to clear out!#Delta this isn’t how you are supposed to treat your Diamond medallion members. I reported the incident to Delta and they never responded or anything! Way to go Delta. When we were walking out the same flight attendant said he didn’t care how much business we give Delta.

You can watch below:

The audio is pretty poor, but what we have the biggest problem with is the flight attendant telling him he’s being childish and that he doesn’t believe his back hurts. It’s one thing if it’s against regulations, that’s fine — just go ahead and explain that and why having the seat up is important for safety reasons but we don’t think it’s okay to ever tell someone that they are lying about their health and namecalling isn’t okay to do when people are spending their hard earned money on your services.

Do you agree with B.Rich about Delta being out of line? How do you think he should be compensated for this terrible experience?

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