Let It Go: MH17 Passenger’s Parents File Lawsuits Against Anyone Claiming Their Daughter Is Dead

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They’ve got space agencies involved in her “search & rescue” mission…SMH…

Parents Of MH17 Victim Refuse To Acknowledge Her Death

After flight MH17 was gunned down on Ukraine’s border, the wreckage alone told the grim reality that all passengers were lost. However, one family says they need more solid proof than an exploded plane to prove that their daughter isn’t still out there somewhere. Via MailOnline:

George and Angela Dyczynski saw much at the MH17 crash site but nothing that diminished their belief their daughter, Fatima, somehow survived.

The Perth-based parents arrived back in the Netherlands on Tuesday after a five-day trip during which they reached the crash site in rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine.

At Amsterdam Airport, they clasped a flyer for the upcoming International Astronautical Congress in Canada and told AAP: ‘Fatima is a speaker at the conference.’

There was no suggestion the couple’s brilliant 25-year-old daughter might not be able to make it to Toronto in late September.

Indeed, Ms Dyczynski later threatened to sue anyone who suggested – without evidence – that Fatima was dead.
The professionals want Fatima’s colleagues from the space science community to become involved in the crash investigation. They want the best of the best on the case.

Fatima had, after all, created a start-up company to send nano-satellites into space.

‘She was an aerospace engineer, she was a scientist, she was a young person with new ideas and new perspectives and new horizons,’ Dr Dyczynski said on Tuesday.

‘We want more scientific investigations with the data that’s already gathered. It should start now – not wait months and months until we forget.’

This is next-level denial. Hopefully this poor family can face the obvious facts and begin healing soon!

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