What Is Wrong With This Picture?

- By Bossip Staff

A Philadelphia restaurant has introduced this donut cheesesteak…would you eat this?

Philadelphia Restaurant Debuts Donut Cheesesteak Burger

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in terms of heart attack-inspired fast food, a Philadelphia restaurant is talking things to the next blood pressure level with their new donut cheesesteak.

via AOL News

A local Philadelphia burger joint called ‘PYT’ has debuted what looks like a heart attack on a plate: The Donut Cheesesteak Burger.

PYT is no stranger to strange and quirky burgers such as the ‘Doh! Nut’ to the ‘Firebird Chicken Sriracha, and the owner said he really thinks this one will be a hit.

Would you try this??

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  • http://theduboisdish.wordpress.com Malcolm Dubois

    I would but the way my blood pressure is set up…

  • http://williams7concierge.wordpress.com williams7concierge

    Reblogged this on I GUESS? and commented:
    What is this world coming to!!! Now a donut cheesesteak??? Whats next frying it !!!

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