Walk Away Bey: Could Divorcing Jay Be Yoncé’s Next Power Play?

- By Bossip Staff

Does staying with a cheat make her look weak?

Divorcing Jay Z Would Make Beyoncé A Bigger Star

The rumors of a Knowles-Carter split only seem to be multiplying by the day and now experts are saying such a split would actually only help Beyoncé’s already meteoric career reach greater heights.

According to NY Daily News reports

The “Single Ladies” singer will only get more powerful when she adds “single mother” to her glittering résumé.

“She is going to be the most powerful woman in the world, hanging out with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey and Blue Ivy and talking about being a single mom,” says one crisis coach who has helped other celebs move to Splitsville. “The goddess suddenly becomes even more relatable to women everywhere.”

True, the couple can say goodbye to their carefully crafted image as the first family of hip hop — the one that’s turning the “On the Run” tour into a $100 million juggernaut. But Jay Z and Beyoncé’s other business ventures — his 40/40 clubs and sports agency, her Pepsi and L’Oreal deals — will thrive because the two never rode each other’s coattails.

“Jay’s deals were Jay’s deals, and Beyoncé’s deals were Beyoncé’s deals, and there was very little overlap besides this tour,” says Ryan Schinman, CEO of Platinum Rye Entertainment.

They’re already ridiculously rich, so neither one has any reason to profit from their split with a paid sit-down interview or a tell-all book. But Beyoncé will still feed her fans through a gauzy Instagram account featuring her holding hands with Blue Ivy, reading an inspirational book or smiling with her sister, Solange, who broke the couple’s carefully crafted image with her elevator beatdown of Jay Z in May.

Damn, Solo is gonna go down in history as the straw that literally broke “the Camel’s” back…

Besides making Beyoncé more relatable to everyday women, experts say she’d also stand to gain a public backbone by ditching a husband who has been suspected of infidelity on multiple occasions:

Mr. and Mrs. Carter enjoyed a meteoric rise together over the last 12 years. They’re the king and queen of cool, living in Tribeca, hanging out with the Obamas, sitting courtside at Nets games and sunning in Saint-Tropez.

But Bey would benefit more from a split — especially if Hova’s infidelity is the reason.

“Her brand is all about being fierce and being a strong woman and not needing a man to make her happy,” says the crisis coach. “But if more cheating rumors come out, and she looks like she is standing by her man, that might hurt her more, professionally, than leaving him.”

Do you agree with that?

The experts also say that while the Carters are putting up a united front now, a split wouldn’t be as devastating to either of them as other famous couples:

So far, the Carters are following the public breakup playbook to the letter, continuing to perform sold-out shows on their world tour and carefully curating Beyoncé’s Instagram account to show a picture-perfect family.

It’s a bit like how “Newlyweds” spouses Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey choreographed their Thanksgiving 2005 breakup.

“Jess and Nick stopped being a real couple months before they announced the split,” dishes a top celeb and crisis expert familiar with their separation. “Unlike Bey and Jay, neither had much talent. Their talent was being an adorable couple,” says the expert. “Once that ended, so did they. Their whole brand was based on them as newlyweds!”

The Carters, on the other hand, were famous individually before getting together. And as long as they keep the breakup positive, “nobody is not going to use Jay Z or Beyoncé for endorsements,” Schinman adds.

And Bey’s not the only one who could profit from a divorce:

“Jay Z is never going to talk about this,” says Zablow. “He’s going to make a couple of great records about this, sell a couple million copies, do another world tour, and while everyone is guessing what his lyrics mean, he just put another $100 million in his pocket and made the folks at Live Nation a little richer, too.”


So with that said. How much time is left on the Carter matrimony-dom clock? Do you think they’ll divorce as soon as the tour is done?

We actually still have some hope they can work things out. Do you?


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