So Cold In The D: 8-Year-Old Boy Killed In His Bed While Sleeping By Bullet Shot Into The Back Of His Home

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The violence has got to stop.

8-Year-Old Detroit Boy Killed By Bullet Shot Into Home As He Slept In Bed

How many more innocents will fall victim to gunfire?

According to Gawker reports:

An eight-year-old boy was shot and killed while sleeping in his bed last night in Detroit. Police say a gunman opened fire on the back of his townhouse, and a bullet went through the window and hit him in the chest.

CBS Detroit has identified the boy as Jakari Pearson. His mother was also shot and is still in the hospital. While cops have not released much information about the shooting, it’s being reported as a possible incident of domestic violence.

Neighbor B’atrice Spears, whose son played baseball with Jakari, told CBS Detroit:

“[Jakari] was a sweetheart. Every time I seen him, he was always smiling. There was never a time he wasn’t smiling,” she said.

Spears said the unfortunate incident has really brought the community together.

“We’re just neighbors, you know, we might wave and say ‘Hello’ or we might not. But today, it was like we were sisters. I told [Jakari’s mother] I would be there until the end,” she said.
The Associated Press notes that cops have a “good idea” of who the suspect is, and they are tracking him down.

If this was possibly domestic violence and police have a good idea of the suspect, is it reasonable to assume Jakari’s mom was involved with somebody who tried to take her out?

Regardless of the perpetrator, this is such a terrible tragedy. How much more innocent can you get than being only 8-years-old and sleeping in your own bed. This kid deserved better — may he rest in peace.

R.I.P. Jakari

We’re praying for his mom’s recovery and also send our thoughts and prayers to their extended family and friends.

Photo Credit: Mike Campbell/WWJNewsradio950

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