Biebervelli: A Gallery Of People Who Hate Justin Bieber

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People Who Hate Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber went from beloved teen star to hated pop jerk in a matter of a couple of years. It’s been quite remarkable. It seems like every story about him is him making people angry for one reason or another. So much so that there’s a list of people who want to give him the fade.

Take a look.

Selena Gomez – He dumped her and she’s definitely not nearly over it. In fact, she sort of hates his guts.

Orlando Bloom – He tried to throw blows at Biebz over Miranda Kerr.

His Neighbors – Bieber has been arrested for allegedly egging his neighbors’ houses…because he’s 12 apparently.

Keyshawn Johnson – He’s one of Bieber’s neighbors and he hates his guts.

Bill Clinton – Bieber was caught on camera cursing out a Bill Clinton poster…but they’ve made up.

Seth Rogen – He was mad that Bieber wasn’t nice when they met for whatever reason.

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    Taylor Swift – She didn’t think Biebz and Selena should have gotten back together all of those times and sort of hates him.

    Drake Bell – He got into it with Bieber’s fans and hates Bieber for it.

    Kevin Kristopik – He hacked Bieber’s phone and Bieber responded by putting his phone number on Twitter. Kevin got 26,000 texts as a result.

    Black People – Those racist jokes didn’t endear him to his African-American fan base.

    America – Thousands of Americans signed a petition to get Bieber deported…cold world.

    And now…some people who actually like Bieber.

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