Three The Hard Way: Cops Physically Force Arizona Couple And Friend To Stop Having Sex In Public Hot Tub After Neighbors Call About Kid Looking For “Mommy”

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Sorry Charlie… Mommy is a freakazoid!

Arizona Couple And Friend Charged With Public Sex After Being Caught In Hot Tub By Cops

An Arizona mom was hit with suspicion of child abuse charges for leaving her kids in her apartment alone while she and her boyfriend were having sex with their friend in the complex hot tub.

According to NY Daily News reports:

An Arizona man and two women were arrested on public sex charges after they were busted in the middle of a romp in an apartment complex hot tub, cops said.

Anthony Vechiola, 30, his 28-year-old girlfriend, Gina Marie Rayner, and Jennifer Duchnowski, 29, continued to have sex after cops told them to stop in the public spa at the Peoria complex on Sunday night, KPHO-TV reported.

The officers — who were called to the scene by a neighbor who reported a small child wandering around the Grey Star Sierra Apartments and calling for his “mommy” — stopped the sexcapades by physically separating them, the news station reported.

As cops questioned the lovers, who all appeared heavily intoxicated, an officer heard the 5-year-old boy calling for his mother.

Police later identified the child as Rayner’s and found her 3-year-old son alone in Vechiola’s apartment.

Rayner was booked on an additional count of suspicion of child abuse for leaving her children alone in the apartment.

Rayner and Vechiola were ordered held in lieu of $2,100 bond after they were arraigned on Monday.
Duchnowski was released on her own recognizance.

SMH, you know it’s bad when the cops show up and you and your friends are too wasted to stop having your trifecta…

Those poor kids!

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