People Aint Isht: Teen Girl Allegedly Raped On Public Lawn During Concert While Bystanders Take Video & Pictures

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Teen Girl Raped During Concert While Others Took Photos

A 17-year-old girl is accusing her 18-year-old “date” of publicly raping her during a Keith Urban concert in Boston while bystanders took pictures and video before someone later stepped in to stop the alleged assault.

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On Saturday night, a 17-year old teen was allegedly assaulted at a Keith Urban concert on the lawn of the Xfinity Center in Boston, while a crowd gathered to watch, some taking videos and pictures instead of intervening.

According to the Sun Chronicle, the alleged assault took place after the girl, who had been drinking, began kissing 18-year-old Sean Murphy of Boston near one of the venue’s concession stands. When Murphy began to drag the girl away from her friends to a different area of the lawn, the girl said she went with him because “she was afraid of what would happen” if she didn’t.

As a crowd formed around what one person described as “a couple having sex on the lawn,” some began taking pictures and videos of the assault while the concert continued in the background. One woman in the crowd decided to ask the girl if she was consenting, and when the girl said no, she pulled Murphy off her.

Murphy disappeared into the crowd, but was later caught by police after they quarantined the concert venue looking for a suspect.

On Monday, Murphy pleaded not guilty to allegations of rape in the Attleboro District Court Monday claiming the incident was consensual. Police collected some of the video and images taken of the assault to use as evidence in the impending trial.

These people should really be ashamed of themselves for taking videos & photo of this incident whether they believed it was consensual of not. SMH! What’s your take on this story, Bossip fam?


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