To The Curb: 15 Famous Men Who Got Dumped With A Quickness

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15 Famous Men Who Got Dumped

You’d think that celebrity guys can get any women they want and keep them however long they want. But,guess what, they get dumped too. These 15 guys had to feel the wrath of angry women and got kicked to the curb by their ladies.

Poor fellas…

Chris Brown – Karrueche kicked him to the curb after he liked some Rihanna pics on Instagram. Good to know he goes through the same things we do.

Kanye West – Alexis ended things with him right while they were engaged.

Michael Jordan – Juanita left him and pocketed $163 million out of it.

Tiger Woods – His wife kicked him to the curb…literally…while chasing him around with a golf club.

Orlando Bloom – Miranda Kerr kicked him to the curb and moved on to…Bieber?

Kris Humphries – Kim Kardashian wanted no parts of him anymore…and he sort of disappeared didn’t he?

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    The-Dream – Christina Milian dropped him when he took that cheating trip with his chubby secretary.

    Lamar Odom – Khloe Kardashian dropped him for his crappy habit…good for her.

    Drake – Drizzy got dropped by Rihanna for being “too attached”…hehe.

    Paul George – Get an exotic dancer pregnant and your lady is going to jet. Just facts.

    Common – Serena Williams kicked him to the curb and he got so hurt that he tried to slander Drake of all people.

    Diddy – J. Lo couldn’t handle those gun charges on her resume so she had to bounce.

    Robin Thicke – Poor Robin Thi-hahahahahahahahaahhahahaha. Sorry, couldn’t get that out.

    Floyd Mayweather – Ms. Jackson dropped him for Nelly. Nelly!

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