*Exclusive* Nene & Kim Come To Blows In ATL

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

As promised, the new season of the ATL Housewives will be full of lots-o-drama. Two of the drag queens came to blows yesterday in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station, just outside of Bow Wow’s mother’s store, Taste.

Pop the hood to read about the staged event that a Bossip snitch witnessed.

A Bossip earhustler reports: Nene was dropped off my her husband just outside of Taste. She was sigining autographs and greeting fans when a white Bentley pulled up. Kim Zolciak got out of the car and all hell broke loose. The got into a huge argument and started slapping each other. Nene tried to pull out Kim’s weave, but was unsuccessful. The camera crew was there to catch the fight and they looked really embarrassed as they broke everything up. I think it was staged because as soon as they got Kim and Nene in separate cars, Bow Wow’s mom, Teresa, randomly returned.

These two tacky @ss broads really need to go sit down somewhere. Stat.

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  • http://www.curvyspot.com LUV_EM_THICK

    How many fights have they had already? Might as well do a pay per view

  • She 4 real

    NeNe should beat her down Harpo style!

  • E$

    So the “rich” are just as ghetto as the middle class?

  • Down South Burner "Smitty"


  • Nigga Said

    I thought that was one of the chicks from Crime Mob. Knuck if you buck and shit.

  • as seen on t.v.

    They better get those wigs checked for mites…Human hair extensions carry bugs…EWWW…

  • http://www.myspace.com/requiem4ajerk09 blackpride09

    The black chick looks like Sisqo with a wig on and the white chick looks like Jay Leno with a wig on.

  • Sydney™

    Queens shouldn’t swing, if you know what I mean. . .

    Chill and I mean it. . .

  • Luv-Lee


  • jb_1030 (Has her DVR set to record Cougar starring Vivica Fox )

    I hope they put this on air. Now that is hilarious. Dumb Broads.

  • * I AM ROYALTY *


  • Bull City Boy

    Black folks kill me!! How is this show any different from the rest of the housewives shows(orange county.new york & the upcoming New Jersey) besides the fact that the other wives are white? It’s entertainment people.It’s not that deep.

  • pm

    I beat the white lady got with her ass..the other one look like she all mouth and fight.

  • Wednesday

    classy hoes

  • OK

    This is a dumb show

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    damn I hate weave

  • Chocolate

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  • Lady Architect

    I couldn’t get into this show…

  • http://Bossip Cry Baby

    Aren’t they supposed to represent ATL elite?

  • Bored @ Work

    Well we all can’t be winners? Morning All..

  • Mrs. Philly

    I hate 2 say it but I like this show, and I cannot wait until the new season!

  • J'Can Girl

    Nene needs kick her ass………

  • http://bossip tiababy09


  • Adrienne

    @ Bull City Boy
    I don’t know what Housewives show you are talking about but the ATL version is totally different from the rest. Maybe you need TiVo honey……

  • Gram

    Adrienne, I am a resident of Atlanta and I couldn’t agree with you more, the whole Real Housewives of Atlanta is a joke, actually the entire Housewives Franchise, but America is great at making talentless GITS celebrities. I’m sure Bravo was attempting to get women with class to actually appear on the show, but from all of the shows in the Franchise, its obvious they took who they could get. I really don’t think any lady with class would expose her life to prying eyes.

    LOL @ Chocolate, this story was not about MJ, who actually cares about that monster anyway. I think people that are overly obsessed with a person that could care less about their existence are damaged.

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