Jamie Foxx is Sorry For Being So Damn Funny

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

‘America’ was up in arms behind Jamie Foxx’s hysterical joke about their little trifling teenage golden calf, Miley Cyrus, so he was forced to apologize:

Jamie Foxx, knowing he was fighting a losing battle in the court of public opinion, apologized on camera to Miley Cyrus tonight for some random off-color remarks he made about the teen queen on his satellite radio show over the weekend. “Did you say something inappropriate?” Jay Leno innocently queried of the Oscar winner on Tuesday’s Tonight Show.

“Yeah,” Foxx admitted, taking a few breaths before launching into a full-blown apology. “I so apologize to [Cyrus], and this is sincere,” he began. “I am a comedian, and you guys know that whatever I say, I don’t mean any of it. [Big laugh from the audience]. And sometimes, as comedians, as we do, we go a little bit too far.

“I have a radio show…We’re really the black Howard Stern. We go at everybody. There was a situation with Miley Cyrus, and I just want to say, I apologize for what I said. I didn’t mean it maliciously. You know I’m a comedian. You know my heart,” he added, turning to Leno. Then, looking at the camera, “Miley, I apologize, so I’ll call you. I got a daughter too, so I completely understand.”

Can I have an order of mouth…heavy on the gums. Hilarious, still.


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  • betty

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  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg bg™(007 pimpin~~~)

    Don’t be sorry ho, be careful!!!

  • Lady Architect

    I’m happy he apologized and really noticed that as a comedian he went a bit too far. I do believe the fact that this young lady is on 2 yrs older than his daughter made him realize that….Kudos Jaimie

  • Nigga Said

    LMAO @ bg

  • http://www.myspace.com/870bg bg™(007 pimpin~~~)

    Well good thing he apologized!

  • NIKKI UNDERWOOD (R.I.P. Colonel Stinkmeaner)

    “Don’t be sorry ho, be careful!!!”

    LMAO!! I told this some fool the other day…he got mad at me….

  • Mrs. Philly


    Hey girl! Where u been??

  • Mrs. Rance

    Doesn’t TMZ rip Miley to shreds on the regular? What’s the big deal?

  • me (the original)

    Good thing he apologized. I don’t know how much good that will do, but we’ll see.

  • http://somethinglikeacritic.wordpress.com The Critic

    I don’t think that Jamie was wrong and that she is in the wrong. She has a 20 year boyfriend, homegirl is grown.

  • baeyaki

    Poor Jamie, another reality bit…white folks run the show. Howard Stern has done and said all types of stuff much worse than this and he is still pushin. BTW it WAS COMEDY!! As one person questioned how can Miley be old enough to date a grown man but too young to be the butt of jokes from one? America is plum crazy!

  • http://www.bossip.com WHADDAPPPPPP

    I mean he is a comedian, but at the same time, I DO NOT LIKE THIS GUYS…MAKING JOKES ABOUT SOME SUTFFS C’MMON NOW…U NOE THIS IS A LIL GIRL…

  • Lady Architect

    Why are people so worried about who she is dating? That doesn’t justify anything. Who she dates is between her and her parents…If they allow her to date a 20yr old then that’s their issue and their judgement. Comedians can go too far at times and Howard Stern has been talked about negatively, but the point is he doesn’t care and he still has stupid white ppl that follow him no matter what.

  • CuteKandy

    It was funny. I don’t care she is a ho anyway. Only brainwashed children listen to her. Sorry next…

  • Bored

    I’m sorry but that picture of Jamie from the Soloist is all kinds of wrong.

  • Mr. Cool

    Jamie should fall back. Miley is the future, so he better …


    Remeber PEOPLE…black FAMOUS men are not allowed to talk about AMERICAS precious white women..especially lil girls.
    back n da day his azz wouldve been hung for that sh*t….oh how the world has evolved…..

    lol. j/p

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)


    Great. Someone on here is thinking. 🙂

  • Dirty Harriet (Get all up in yo ass like a Enema)


    lol…Yeah, for real. The crazy looking black man, and the innocent little white girl.

    Ya…and I’m Condolezza Rice.

  • Bored @ Work

    I would’ve retracted shit! He basically read my mind..

  • LawdhavMercythisshitis real

    he knew he would have to apologize for that he took iy a lil too far i finally heard what he said and was like damn he going hard on the lil white chick lol … but the she was true but so not called for Jamie u got a daughter thats just not cool you went extra hard on her

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!™

    Why say it if your going to appologize?

  • Bored @ Work

    *Waves to Brooklyn*

  • Jay

    I wish you didn’t apologize Jamie, but understand why you did. Some of her fans might be some of your fans don’t want to hurt any potential money in the current financial times. WINK WINK, good looking on the jokes though. LMAO.

  • AvaSpeaks

    @ Dina

    She’s writing an “autobiography” at 16 just like Bow Wow is “retiring” at 22!

    These kids get this fame so young and so fast and feel like by the time they are 22, they have done it all?! SMH. How about trying to survive in the game for a few more adult years.

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