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HIV Fighting Tampons Being Developed For Women

Ain’t that some isht?

Via DailyMail

A dissolvable tampon could soon offer women faster protection against HIV, scientists say.

Those deemed to be at high risk of contracting HIV in the U.S. are currently prescribed daily drugs, taken orally, to protect against the virus.

But a range of new topical protection methods, including gels and films which can be inserted into the vagina before sex, are currently in development.

A team of researchers at the University of Washington noted the new products were not performing well in clinical trials because they are difficult to use.

And so they have created dissolving fibres, which could be spun and inserted into an applicator, similar to those used to insert tampons.

Bio-engineers believe the tampon could deliver a topical drug, known to protect women from contracting the virus, faster.

Their method spins the drug into silk-like fibres, which quickly dissolve when they come into contact with moisture.

It means higher doses of the drug could be administered than is possible when using gels or creams.

Lead study author Cameron Ball, said: ‘This could offer women a potentially more effective, discreet way to protect themselves from HIV infection by inserting the drug-loaded materials into the vagina before sex.’

The findings build on previous research by the team, which found electrically spun cloth could be dissolved to release drugs.

The latest study shows the fibre materials can hold 10 times the concentration of medicine as anti-HIV gels currently in development.

Ladies, will this latest scientific breakthrough make you more comfortable going raw doggy in the future?

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