Mr. Wrong: 10 Guys You Should Not Date

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Ladies while you’re out here in the “meet” market looking for just the right cut of beef, there are some men that you should avoid at all costs.

Don’t Date These Men

Here’s a list of some guys that you just shouldn’t date.


Mr Shiftless.

This is the guy that never does anything to fix his problems. He’s clearly unhappy with the way things are going down at his job at the car wash but he just won’t ask for that raise. He hates that he’s put on weight but he just won’t change his diet or eat better. He can’t stand the way his family treats him but he just won’t stand up to his mom and tell her she can’t clip her toenails at the dinner table. He has no drive, no ambition and no desire for better. He’s settled for less. But you should not. Don’t date him.



Mr. Thug.

He’s the original prison bae. He sells drugs, robs people, is a hitman, runs credit card scams, is just in and out of jail for everything imaginable but for some reason he gets dates while he’s out on parole. Don’t let it be you. Don’t date him.


Mr. Liar

This man takes dishonesty to a new level. He lies about everything. He lies about which bus he caught home from work. He lies about being with his boys. He lies about what he had for breakfast. When you ask him why he’s tweeting but not responding to your texts? He lies and says that his phone is not on. Even though you can SEE he’s using a twitter mobile app. If he’s lying about the small things you can be sure he’s telling big lies too. Like “I love you”. He doesn’t. Don’t date him.




Mr. Vain

This man puts way too much emphasis on his clothes and appearance (and somehow he never looks as fly as he thinks he does). He has to have label, no matter the financial sacrifice (he will use bill money to buy new shoes). He will with the belt buckle sitting just right. Not only is he obsessed with his appearance, he is obsessed with yours. Always critiquing. Always offering unsolicited advice. He’s some advice: don’t date him.




Yeah. Don’t date him.

Mr. Ho

He’s laying it low and spreading it wide all over town. He’s sleeping with your coworker, the mail courier, the clerk at the check-cashing place, your one cousin that hates you, the chick from church, and his babymama. Don’t think you’re gonna be the one to change his promiscuous ways. Don’t date him.


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    Mr. Poser

    This man thinks has made it. He graduated. He got that good-paying job. And he just can’t stop telling everyone how much better than them he is, how he does things and who he knows. His obnoxiousness is next-level. The pressure is on. Every second he wants more. A new house, a new car, a bigger vacation. What he didn’t tell you is that he doesn’t make as much as his ego can stand so you will be helping him get all that stuff. Good luck girl! Or just don’t date him.



    Mr. Sexist

    Also known as Mr. Caveman and Mr. Chauvinist, this men probably starts a lot of sentences with “these females”. This guy is not interested in your heart, your mind, your accomplishments, your hopes or your dreams. All he wants to know is can you cook and how often (even though he didn’t buy the groceries and maybe doesn’t have a kitchen). He also wants to know how much sex will be had with him without a commitment, when you get home from work (he’s between jobs right now). Mr. Sexist has abusive tendencies and probably doesn’t see anything wrong with locking you in the closet sometimes when you “get out of line”. Don’t date him.



    Mr. Married

    This man is not leaving his wife for you. It doesn’t matter how unhappy he says he is. It doesn’t matter how much he compares you to her and says you are so much better. It doesn’t matter how much prettier than his wife you think you are, or how much smarter or how much more money you have. In the end he is another Mr. Liar. He is using you and you are wasting time and making bad karma. Don’t date him.





    Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t date him.

    Mr. Emotional Problems.

    Being overly moody is a red flag. If your guy is curled up under the blankets in tears watching The Notebook every Friday and then off to the strip club making it rain every Saturday and not coming home till the next day? He may have an emotional imbalance. Irritable, inconsistent. Reminiscing about his ex from 10th grade? You can’t fix him. And don’t date him.


    Mr. Popular 

    If your guy is “besties” will all his exes and is “close friends” with every woman on his social media and every woman he knows in real life? Wise up. He may not be sleeping with them all but there is certainly no room for any intimacy with you two when his heart, attention, resources and time are stretched so thin. Why get into a death-match rumble with all Mr. Popular’s fans? Just don’t date him.


    Don’t ignore the red flags.

    If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation and your intuition is telling you to move on, do it. There’s no need to wait for the fire to start. When you see and smell the smoke? Don’t date him.

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