Scandalous Rumor Control: Kerry Washington Shuts Down Claims She Called Beyonce A ‘Cheesy’ Booty Shaker

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Olivia Pope is fixing this scandal with Bey!

Kerry Washington Denies Rumors That She Called Beyonce Out

We recently reported that feminist Kerry Washington was rumored to be angry with singer Beyonce and wanted her to “stop shaking her booty.”

Furthermore the “Scandal” star who keeps her private life on the low, finds the way Baddie Bey sings about her marital troubles “cheesy” at best and “dangerous” at worst.

Via Dish Nation reports:

Here’s a “Scandal” Beyonce surely won’t appreciate—Emmy nominated TV star Kerry Washington has privately ripped the singer for not doing enough to empower young African American girls.

The 37-year-old star of the hit ABC show, who’s a political activist and outspoken feminist, “hates how Beyonce relies on her body and sexual innuendo to sell records,” an insider told Dish Nation.

“Kerry thinks Beyonce should spend less time shaking her booty and more time pushing other agendas, like the value of education and healthy eating, as well as promoting book reading.”

New mom Kerry expressed her views about the Grammy winning “Drunk in Love” singer after Lily Tomlin recently responded to a question about whether she thinks Beyonce is a feminist by saying, “She is a pretty popular woman and she’s married to a very powerful man, but she’s still selling sex to teenyboppers.”

Says the source, “Kerry wholeheartedly agrees with Lily. She also thinks the way Beyonce is reveling in rumors about her private life is, at best, cheesy, and, at worst, dangerous.”

Beyonce hasn’t denied rampant rumors that her husband Jay Z cheated on her, but rather, she’s used the gossip for self-promotion, posting family shots on her Instagram account and swapping lyrics during concerts that only serve to fan the flames.

Adds the source,

“To Kerry, it seems like Beyonce is sending a message to young women that standing by your man, even if he cheats on you, is perfectly acceptable.

While Kerry’s peers, like Beyonce, exploit themselves for career advancement, she’s happy to keep her private life under wraps and let her talent do the talking. Kerry wishes Beyonce would do the same.”

So, does Kerry really have beef with Bey? The actress recently responded to the rumors via her Instagram account after the reports surfaced around the internet:

Looks like Olivia Pope is on the case again.


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