Really???? Tennessee Deadbeat Sentenced To Life For Killing In-Laws With Lamp Bomb To Avoid Repaying $40,000

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Oh yeah, a bomb is DEFINITELY the answer to your debt problems…SMH

Deadbeat Sentenced To Life For Killing In-Laws Over $40,000 Debt

Via NYDailyNews

A Tennessee man deep in debt to his in-laws disguised a bomb as a lamp to kill the elderly couple, the double-murderer admitted in court Tuesday.

Richard Parker, 50, owed Jon Setzer, 74, and Marion Setzer, 72, $40,000 when he crafted the explosive, designed to detonate when plugged into an electrical socket. Jon Setzer caught fire Feb. 10 after he installed the lamp in his Lebanon, Tenn., home — located next door to Parker and his wife, Laura.

The explosion blew out windows in the rural house about 30 miles east of Nashville.

Jon died instantly while Marion died two days later in the hospital.

Parker was part of a bedside vigil with other family members as Marion struggled for her life.

Then he was charged with double murder three days after the blast.

Clearly killing your in-laws qualifies a man for “ain’t isht” status, but just in case you need a cherry on top of shady sundae…

Parker was convicted of arson in 1993 and sentenced to four years of probation. He was defended by his father-in-law, Jon Setzer, in that case.

Investigators say Parker bought bomb components at a nearby Walmart, then placed the homemade device in a cardboard box, slapped a fake address sticker on it and placed it on the couple’s porch.

That’s right, this guy blew up the very man who kept his azz out of jail once before. Kinda makes you think a life sentence if too lenient a punishment…

Image via Tenn Bureau Of Investigation/Family

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