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Vick’s pockets may not be as empty as we thought once he starts his Barney Rubble 9 to 5. He’ll be getting a WHOPPING 600,000 to document his journey back into normality once he gets out of the clink-clank. That used to be pocket change for him. SMH.

Also, remember when we told you that some jacktard created a line of Mike Vick chew toys for dogs? (See ridiculousness above) Well, check out the cheesy @ss infomercial.

Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has clinched a $600,000 deal to headline his own unscripted documentary series chronicling his life, once he’s out of the federal pen where he’s currently serving a 23-month sentence for his role in a dogfighting conspiracy.

Cameras will start rolling after he’s sprung on July 20 and will follow him as he seeks to “make amends for his past,” including starting work at a $10-an-hour construction job as he applies for reinstatement in the NFL.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, producers courted Vick behind bars and are shopping the series to cable outlets like A&E and Spike TV. (We’re guessing Animal Planet is out of the running.)

We’re sure that those lunatics over at PETA are behind this sh*t right here:

A chew toy? Really?

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