Get Your Life Right: 14 Toxic Behaviors Healthy Women Avoid

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14 Toxic Behaviors Healthy Women Avoid

Have you ever wondered why your desire to be happy with yourself gets blanketed with a series of shortchanged moments? It may be time to reevaluate your state of mind. During critical moments women especially tend to be distracted by their own insecurities. The following is a list of behaviors to that need to stop today if you are serious about self progress. Do you agree?

Saying yes to everyone.

Overextending yourself can be holding you back from being truly productive. Concentrate on the things that matter to you and your well-being and you will be in a much healthier space. Also, people tend to take advantage of kindness. Don’t let saying yes be a weakness, but a gift.


Not treating yourself.

Treat yourself to perk up your mood and know you will always have more to give. Indulging needs no explanation, because you deserve to be treated well. All the time.


Terrorizing yourself with dark thoughts.

Over-analysis leads to paralysis. Free up your thoughts and free your body.


Entertaining “dieting” fads.

Health is a lifestyle and get-fit-quick fads won’t have longterm health effects. True fitness starts with discipline, not hating our love handles enough to strink them with aluminum foil. Love your body fit.

Doubting your talents.

Fear can easily cloud your mind if you allow it to. Don’t let self-doubt stop you from utilizing your natural talents!


Comparing yourself to TV characters.

We are not Mimi or Stevie or Joseline (thank God!) so why compare their love triangle to your relationship? Or the Kardashians life to your own? They are entertainers, not life coaches.


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    Judging other people’s careers and relationships

    A lot of us could downsize in this department. Passing harsh judgement is mentally consuming and an unattractive trait.


    Acting too modest in pivitol moments.

    You can be “too cool” and miss out on great opportunities. Many women do this to not seem aggressive, but it can be holding you back romantically and career-wise.


    Setting impossible deadlines.

    Graduate by 22,  start a company by 25, get married somewhere in between and be a millionaire by 30? It’s nice to dream but holding ourselves to unrealistic standards is as harmful as not having any.


    Being embarrassed about your mistakes.

    Everyday is a new beginning. Embarrassment is useless if you are really focused on progressing in any area in life and most likely, people don’t care as much as you think.


    Entertaining negative people.

    There is no rule saying that we are obligated to hang with toxic family members and friends we have outgrown. Be selfish with your personal space. Don’t entertain negativity if this sounds like you.


    Dwelling on the past.

    We can’t go back and change the past, but if we start today we can positively manipulate our futures. Think progressively and stunt!

    Thinking you’re perfect.

    When the ego is inflated, it leaves little room for growth. Stop thinking you’re perfect and make space for life’s continual lessons.


    Simply being in denial.

    The only person denial is hurting is you. Women who get in denial about their present situation are enabling harmful behavior towards themselves. Is this you? This needs to stop.


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