Grand Theft Auto: The Scott Storch Edition

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Damn, y’all, Scott Storch is in a bad way. First, there was the foreclosed home, then rehab, now come to find out, the nucca’s been arrested for rollin’ around in a Bentley GT he leased…that was due back last March:

If only it was a just video game, but this isn’t a level of “Grand Theft Auto.” Producer Scott Storch was apprehended by police in Miami on Friday and charged with, well, grand theft auto. The producer posted an undisclosed amount for his bond soon after. MTV News obtained a copy of the police report and, according to the authorities, Storch had begun leasing a 2004 Bentley GT in February 2006, with a return date of March 2008. The owners of the vehicle, Atlas Leasing Company, are alleging that Storch failed to comply with the terms of their leasing agreement.

Atlas Leasing also claims the producer’s negligence has cost the company $65,000 in revenue that could have been accruing from other clients for the Bentley. Storch has had a slew of legal and financial troubles in the past year or so. In June 2008, he failed to show for a child-support hearing where he was accused of being behind in his payments. Storch was also way behind on paying his property taxes, owing the government $500,000 which resulted in having his $10 million Miami mansion foreclosed on.

At one time, Storch was one of the most in-demand producers in music. He showed versatility, crafting hits such as “Candy Shop” for 50 Cent, “Lean Back” for Fat Joe’s Terror Squad and “Baby Boy” for Beyoncé.

There is no word yet on a court date for Storch’s grand theft auto charges.

Ain’t no two ways about it; Scott Storch brought this on himself with all his trickin’ and stuntin’. You just can’t feel sorry for a cat who actively participates in his own demise. Damn.

via MTV

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  • Christilicious


  • Marquis de Sade

    I’m not surprised. This knucklehead is the poster boy for conspicuous consumption and excess. I remember Mtv’s Cribs ep. on him.

  • mrsmayes

    Most people in the entertainment industry are FAKE stuntin’..everything they own is leased… what happend to saving and living modestly?

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    A fooland his money are soon parted!

  • B

    couldn’t handle the money!

  • whatsyoursecretdesireDOTcom

    So many are trying to ballers now he’s gonna have to pay the piper.

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  • Milly

    top 10

  • Simun

    Didn’t he make like 70 million or some sshhh, why you gotta lease a Bentley when you can buy it? whats a Bentley if you got 70 mil.

  • josh

    hes still richer than me, so i dont feel sorry for him. All his beats sound the same anyway.

  • josh

    his rap beats anyway, candy shop, lean back e.t.c.

  • john hope franklin

    first off that pic hurt my eyes…cosmetic dentist asap…for a key-he could get his whole grill done…lol

  • jb_1030 (has a "C" in Physics cause I left the dumb lab group and got with the A students!!)

    With all teh money he wasn’t paying out to anyone he couldn’t get a good dental plan?

  • Aunt Viv


  • NYC Gal

    This is one ugly fellow! Too Fugly!

  • ridin high so i can slap down a pigeon

    he snorted all that money up..

  • Whateva

    I dont understand how celebrities make all this money but for some reason cant seem to save and invest it

  • link

    don’t wanna miss a thing,. you can meet many rich people and good guys inculding some celebrities on’s a big chance to meet your classy lover in your life. so just do it. maybe your dream will come ture!!

  • Its the 16th, I got a Re-loaded EBT card, Bologna, bread, Fruit Loops and Lunchables for these damn ugly kids, Get weave re-strung, nails and feet done, put money on all my babydaddies books, get 1/2 a tank of gas, 40's for my new nigga, off to the club!

    Lol, the only JEW who aint good with money!

  • Bored @ Work

    Lol, he just can’t handle the fact that he’s broke now..

  • tj

    Awww man, you guys. Ya’ll made me go back and look at his teeth and now my tummy is upset. That dude’s teeth look like he eats rocks and small children!

  • Bored @ Work

    ROTFL @ Tj

  • john hope franklin

    Damn he’s jewish?

  • drwinkie


  • Dr. Winkie


  • PYT

    I always thought he was CREEPY!!

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