Going Broke? Floyd Mayweather’s Most Wasteful Money Moments

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Floyd Mayweather’s Craziest Purchases

Floyd Mayweather has a ton of money an he’s not ashamed of it. He spends his money on the craziest things that you may not have known about. Take a look at some of his craziest spending habits.

Jets – He has an extra private jet for his bodyguards because he’s afraid they’ll weigh his plane down.

Color-coded Cars – He has a car for every city he’s in. His Vegas cars are one color and his Miami cars are another.

Last-Minute Front Row Seats – He hires a company to find him impossible to find front row seats the day of games. Last year, he ended up spending $80K for Game 7 seats for the Heat/Spurs. He asked for them the day of.

Sports Bets Part 1 – He’s bet as much as $300,000 on Johnny Football to win.

One Account – He has $123 million in a checking account…which is absolutely insane.

Getting Rid Of The Old – He only wears his boxers and shoes once before getting rid of them.

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    Full-Time Cuts – He has a staffed barber that follows him around.

    High Rolling – He has a $25,000 golf cart. Seriously.

    His Own Fight – He spent $600,000 for tickets for his friends and family for his September fight with Alvarez.

    iPod Case – He has a $50,000 iPod case that’s diamond encrusted.

    Watches – In 2011 he told the IRS he spent $5.3 million on watches.

    Cars – His total car purchases tallied up to $3.25 million in 2011.

    Sports Bets pt 2 – He allegedly bet $8 million on Kentucky to make the Final Four let year.

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