Life After Floetry

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

What is the purpose of leaving a B-List group to star in a D-List movie?

Natalie, formerly of Floetry, has a new film, Reasonable Excuse. She flaunts around the camera in damn near nothing, showing off her new toned body. She looks good but she still needs to see a dentist. ASAP.

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  • DeeDeeBaby

    What the…

  • Curly Fries with the yak and dro later tonight.

    second biotches! And Happy New Year to all!

  • Mz GA

    damn she looks like a crackhead lookin in da mirror

  • Kim

    Mz GA you are so crazy girl, but she does look like a crackhead.

  • Dalia

    Yup, you can drive a truck through that gap and still have lots of room on the side!!!

  • Taj-A-Rooni

    She looks like someone smacked her in the mouth with a bagful of quarters. I will have none of this tomfoolery!

  • Rebel78

    that was some scary crackhead-ish mess

  • JD


  • Damn

    She needs to eat lil something, she’s looking a little haggard in the face…WTF?

  • zeta

    um…gaps like that only work if your teeth isn’t huge, and if you don’t look like a man.

  • It'sREALLYme

    Um… No.

  • blinditemstalka

    LOL at all the comments. I am glad I am at work and can’t see them. She was always grinning too like that 2 mile gap was cute. SMMFH She needs to get it closed asap!!

  • this chic they call Fabs

    that body is NOT from a gym .. that a her-ON type crack type smack type injectable diet .. WTF? she looks HORRIBLE! AND THE ACTING IS .. whew! no comment

  • K-Day

    Crack is whack! She looked great when they released the last album–still had womanly curves. Now sadly look like she on the Hollyweird diet. When they first get turned out the get super skinny ex: Lindsay, Nicole, now Tara Reid. Too sad 😦 Maybe that’s why the group broke up?

  • Mrs T in DC

    She looks like she has been hanging with (fellow Brit) Amy Winehouse. She looks horrible, and needs to get back to making good music (and giving great live shows) with Floetry.

  • Pervster

    Love the independent films. Looks like there should be some good screw scenes/nudity in this flick. But man, she needs to go back to Floetry. It’s only a matter of time people. They know what they’re doin’. When they do, it’ll be a tight album and people will be feenin’ for that sound again. Mark my words.

  • Bird

    The person in this video looks like a drug addict. If this really is Nat then her new “toned” body ain’t cute. She look emaciated. When did black folks start thinking that was cool.

  • missj

    That film clip was so bad I just went temp. blind!! She should beg to be back in Floetry.

  • Bird

    Why do people think that just because they don’t like gap teeth people with gaps shouldn’t like their teeth? Like Danielle from ANTM I love mine and wouldn’t close it for nothing. I was mad Danny gave in to Tyra. I got it from my Daddy and I love it for that if nothing else.

  • Kay

    I didn’t even reconized her….That wig is so damn horrible….And that crack head look ain’t the ish!

  • Dalia

    Growing up, I had a gap also. Not as wide as hers, but it was only good for skeeting water and pop through it.

    You better believe that as soon as I could, I wore invisilign braces and closed that baby up.

    And so should she.

  • Weeupgirl

    She lost too much weight, girl she is with SHOLA AMA, ex singer also…addicted to cocaine and loves her Anglo saxon blue eyed men..over black dudes!

  • http://Bossi BagLover

    I think Pottery Barn is hiring.

  • Dr. Marylynne

    hell, Marsha lost weight too but she looks GREAT!! very natural and healthy like .. Natalie on the other hand, yeah, this was some drug induced weight loss ..

  • Ripper

    Media takeout showed her in this flick getting that ass tagged doggie style. She did an EXCELLENT job showing how she takeS that dick from the back Very explicit, which I liked. I will be viewing the pic when it comes out.

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