The Freaks Come Out At Night

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

As you can see, the Notorious DVD Release Party was on and poppin. Melyssa Ford, Toccara, Nick Cannon and many more showed their support. The fake Kim was there, naturally, along with the fake Faith, and the the fake Biggie striking his Buffalo stance with Nick Carey.

Pop it to see pictures of Toccara Jones, Melyssa Ford, Dollicia Bryan, Angelica Curves, and Miss Issa , who attended the Lady Henny event at the same venue…

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  • Mimi

    1st Yayyyyy!!

  • Re (Gambit in 15 Days!)

    LOL @ “the fake”…and Buffalo stance…

  • whatsyoursecretdesireDOTcom

    WHO CARES!!!

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  • betty

    very nice,, i heard many celebrities have a account on _____Meet Wea lthy com_____ “”””””, i.m doubt since i found her profile.. you can talk with them online, it’s awesome~~~

  • Me No Likey

    Am I the only one who things Dolistankia needs to quit spray tanning and/or wearing that ORANGE/BROWN foundation??

  • Marquis de Sade

    Someone needs to tell some of these ladies the “BARE-LEGGED” look doesn’t work for everyone.

  • john hope franklin

    that melyssa ford still got it…damn!

  • john hope franklin

    and aint nothin’ wrong with any of them legs buddy…

  • Cute Face Chubby Waist

    damn all this for a dvd release party

  • Milly

    top 10

  • uptowngirl

    Tocarra looks great but I don’t understand how she got so small but them boobs are still gigantic.

  • Lady Architect

    DVD release party? Are you serious? lol Anyways I love Toccara’s and Melyssa’s dresses. They both look great. Why is Nick Cannon dj’n in a suit?

  • christie's secrets

    now melyssa is what we call thick! perfect body!

  • popeye's fried biscuit

    Melissa is not cute to me at all I never understood the fuss about her. The other lite skinned chics look old and ugly as hell they ain’t cute either. Naturi looks cute. No comment on Toccara.

  • christie's secrets

    I think dolicia is gorgeous and toccara is really a beautiful woman! yes her boobs are gigantic lol, even dolicia and melyssa with them fake boobs still look flat chested compared to her! damn toccara!

  • Aunt Viv

    Night of a thousand D-listers….

  • AKeysFan1981

    I like Toccara’s dress, but I wonder if she thought about breast reduction since she lost so much weight. Since she lost the weight they look too big for her body.

  • Aunt Viv

    Did fake Biggie lose weight?

  • tb

    I just don’t get ppl saying Tocorra being pretty…I guess if a person has money it makes them good looking. SMH

  • NYC Gal

    Toccara is the prettiest one there and the only one with real big boobs.

  • glok9isvery 'how you doin?'

    The only ‘freak’ I see on this is Melyssa. I see Toccara didn’t stay thin very long.

  • Serafina

    You’re right “tb”, Toccara isn’t pretty at all. She’s beautiful. Naturally beautiful without having to shine through any filters. And she’s not a tiny girl, even better.

    I think she’s absolutely lovely.

  • Roe ski Love - The checks in the mail

    OK Toccara is pleasing to the eyes I admit. But damn when she opens her mouth, I feel like Iv’e been attacked by the 60 foot Ghetto Woman. Twisting her lips talk’n How youdurin? I thinkeded I seended you around herr bfor. You Pookies cousin right? right? Yeah!

  • theinsider

    I’ll agree the ladies do look lovely… but why in the world did no one give Tocarrara some lotion for those knees!!!!???? They look a tad gray in one of the pics… :/ She still looked good though. 🙂

  • Yerr

    Naturi got one hell of a lil body on her and she’s cute in the face! I would soooo smash!

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