11 Things You’ll Probably Regret Doing After A Break Up

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Unless you’re evil

Things You’ll Regret Doing After A Break Up

Peep the following list of things to avoid after a break up and save yourself the embarrassment!

1. Seeking Revenge

Don’t be messy by seeking to hurt your ex partner. You’ll probably end up hurting your conscience more. Let karma do it’s job.

2. Sleeping With Your Ex

You two parted ways for good reason so this act is best left unexplored. It may sound exciting to get it on one or two more times but you’ll soon regret it after it settles that it’s really over.

3. Stalking Your Ex On Social Media

The quicker you detach yourself from what your ex is up to, the faster you will get over them. Don’t waste time  looking at their statuses for clues.

4. Talking Bad About Your Ex To Their Friends Or Family

They are his or her friends and family, not yours. You’ll just come off as bitter and crazy talking bad to them about the break up.

5. Cutting Your Hair

This regret is more so for women. When you cut your hair, it’s a permanent decision and probably better to made when you’re not emotional.

6. Begging To Be Back Together

Sounds like a train wreck. Let it be amicable and allow time to heal before reaching back out to an ex.

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    7. Dwelling On Everything

    Allow yourself  a realistic amount of time to be angry. If you dwell on things for a long time afterward you may grow to regret time you’ve wasted being angry.

    8. Out Of Control Spending

    The say shopping is therapy but putting yourself in debt to satisfy your depression is not smart.

    9. Competing With Your Ex

    If you’re not together, then there is especially no reason to compete with them. The ultimate win for you is to move on first. Otherwise you’re just giving yourself anxiety to compete with someone who does not matter anymore.

    10. Posting All Of Your Emotions On Social Media

    You’re giving your friends and some of your enemies a show by doing this.

    11. Texting Your Ex  Every Time You Reminisce About Them

    Your ex doesn’t need to know every time you’ve had a bad dream or deja vu about them. That’s probably your mind letting them go.

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