Who’s Your Daddy? Married Transgender Couple Prepare To Explain To Their Two Kids That Mom Was Born Male, Dad Female

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So Daddy actually gave birth???

Transgender Couple Prepare To Explain Their Birth Genders To Their Children

A transgender couple, each without genital reassignment, married and gave birth to two of their own natural children. As the babies age, however, they now must consider how they will break the news that even though they and the rest of the world see an average male/female father/mother unit, Daddy is actually Mommy and vice versa. Via MailOnline:

A transgender couple are preparing to tell their children when they get get older that their father actually gave birth to them and the person that they call their mother is in fact their father.

Bianca and Nick Bowser are a happily married couple and live in Kentucky with their two young sons.

Nick, 27, was born a girl, called Nicole, but for the last seven years has lived as a man.

Bianca, 32, who is a drag artist, was born as a boy called Jason, and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago.

The transgender couple still have their original sex organs because they cannot afford reconstructive surgery.
The cost of male to female surgery can range from £4,000 to £15,000, while female to male surgery can exceed £30,000.

And they insist their children, Kai, now three, and Pax, almost one, will be fine because their upbringing will be loving, supportive, secure, and perfectly ‘normal’

Bianca said: ‘The kids currently have no idea. It’s not like strangers ever guess in restaurants or at the shops.
‘I don’t know when we will start to tell them, maybe when Kai is around six, but they will need to be old enough to understand.

‘It is important they know because it’s a big secret to keep from your children and if they found out another way they could hold huge resentment.

‘But I don’t worry about how they will react. We will not treat it as a ‘bad’ thing. And young kids are accepting and non-judgemental.’

She adds: ‘Being transsexual doesn’t define who we are , just as being black or white or skinny or fat doesn’t define you either.’

While Nick and Bianca could have used a surrogate, they were reluctant because it’s expensive.
Nick says: ‘We have a healthy sex life and we wanted a biological child – this was the only way we could do it.’

Bianca says that although they dislike still having their biological genitalia, having sex has never been a problem.

‘We have the parts so we will use them,’ she says.

‘If we could change them we would, and they would be the other way around – but we cannot afford it and the children come first.’

‘We’ll tell the children the truth when it’s the right time – we’ve got nothing to hide.

Very interesting. Kids are typically pretty good about accepting the reality they’re given, so this likely won’t be an issue in their early years. But we wonder how they will feel as they reach adolescence and have such a different family (and a huge secret to keep) from all their peers?

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