Bossip Exclusive: Ericka Pittman Of Bravo’s “The Singles Project” Talks Love And Dating In NYC

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Will you be helping Ericka find a man?

The Singles Project’s Ericka Pittman On Dating

Bravo is premiering the first ever real-time dating docu-series, The Singles Project, tomorrow night at 10PM. The Singles Project follows 6 Manhattan singles as they date around in NYC, however the show takes a new approach, allowing viewers to chime in and help the singles pick dates, drop pickup lines, and make suggestions as to how to flirt, what to say, etc.

We caught up with Ericka Pittman — one of Diddy’s right hand women — and chatted with her about the highs and lows of dating in the city. Judging by the clip below, Ericka obviously needs a little help from viewers in the flirting department:

As an attractive, educated, professional woman (Ericka is the Vice President of Business Development at Combs Wine and Spirits) you would think she’d have little trouble snagging a man. However as the self-proclaimed “Brooklyn Barbie” tells it, dating in New York is a crazy process and she’s willing to take all the helps she can get — even from strangers.

BOSSIP: Why would you sign up to let strangers match you with dates?

Why not? I’m just at a place in my life where I’m taking amazing calculated risks and doing outrageous things to have outrageous results, and I’m encouraging young women to do the same. If I’m preaching the gospel, I’ve got to live it! It’s an opportunity, it’s a fun summer. Why not?

BOSSIP: Is finding a suitable man really that hard?

I think dating is tough, and as you grow and mature, your selection process gets a little bit more filtered, and that makes it difficult to find someone that you’re compatible with. So that paired with how busy New York is — everyone with their own goals and agendas — I think it can be a challenge, and you need some assistance. A lot of us seek our friends, some people seek online dating, and The Singles Project is a revolutionary way to date in New York.

BOSSIP: What kind of man are you into?

I like man with a really strong moral compass. I want someone that is family oriented, that is ready to settle down. And then there’s the superficial stuff — he should just be tall, dark, and handsome. But I really do love someone with a lot of wit and a really handsome smile, and someone that can make me laugh.

BOSSIP: Reality TV can get a little crazy…where do you think you fit into all this?

I am actually forwarding a movement called “LifE: With a Capital E.” It’s an initiative to help young women identify the next phases in life and I want to show America that women — particularly women of color — should be displayed in a way that’s presentable. That’s my mission. I want to take The Singles Project and use it as an example to beacon and cheer women that are ladies.

Nice! Good to see someone will be on a reality show without cursing people out, sloring it up, and throwing glasses and bottles across the dinner table. Will you be watching?

You can help Ericka find her man starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12 at 10pm ET/PT. Tweet Ericka at @ErickaMPittman and let her know who to date and who to dump!

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