No Shame: 15 Celebrities With No Respect For The Dead

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13 Celebrities Who Insulted The Dead

We should have respect for the dead. But too many people don’t. Take these celebrities for instance. They insulted the dead and had to deal with the consequences. Take a look and tsk tsk at their comments.

Star And Buckwild – They aired “audio” of the Aaliyah plane crash shortly after her death. Jay Z wasn’t pleased.

Todd Bridges – He just insulted Robin Williams saying he was selfish for his actions.

Eminem – He continued to insult Sonny Bono and Christopher Reeves after they died.

Katt Williams – He kept making fun of Michael Jackson even after he died.

Amy Schumer – She made a joke about dead TV star Ryan Dunn at his friend’s Roast and it was decidedly too far.

50 Cent – He insulted Tsunami victims by saying he had to evacuate his side chicks…not a good look.

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    Seth Macfarlane – Family Guy always makes fun of the dead…

    Gilbert Gottfried – He made a 9/11 joke right after it, causing Comedy Central to postpone his special.

    Rush Limbaugh – He joked about how much the US donates to Haiti right after the earthquake…really?

    Kanye West – He compared being a celebrity to being in the Civil Rights movement where people lost their lives for freedom.

    Rick Ross – He dropped some Trayvon lyrics and things went horribly south for him.

    Lil Wayne – He made Emmitt Till punchlines in his raps…for what?

    Nicki Minaj – For her new single she had Malcolm X looking out the window with “Looking A$$ N—-” as the title…insensitive much?

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