Linda Hogan: “Uh Uh, I Knooow Hulk Di-in’t Say He Was Gonna OJ Me”

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Nope, Linda Hogan ain’t having the Hulkster just threaten to cut her ass up like that behind her bust-it-beach-boy, no she’s not. She and her publicist came out with guns ablaze, and are letting people know what’s really good:

“Hulk thinks he can do whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, whenever he wants. He is your classic narcissist who demands total control and will go to ANY extent necessary to get it. His violent and scary mood swings have been my nightmare for too many years. I hope for the sake of our kids that he gets the psychological help for himself and the safety of others. “states Linda Hogan.

“For those who buy his claim the comment was taken out of context, read the rest of Rolling Stone and determine for yourself if his suicidal tendencies coupled with the use of drugs and alcohol make him a danger. His actions in the past years have been very disturbing. Linda wants all of this to be over so she can move on with her life,” states Linda’s rep Gary Smith.

Awww, it must have been horrible for Linda dealing with all of the Hulkster’s f*cksh*t while living in the mansions, driving the foreign cars, and rocking all the diamonds. No woman should ever have to live under those deplorable conditions.

Check out a pic of her and her boo below. She ain’t right.

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