Idiot Commits Murder Suicide in Classroom

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This young lady pictured above, according to Livesteez, was killed in another idiot students murder suicide:

A mentally disturbed Anthony Powell shot and killed a classmate, Asia McGowen, before turning the gun on himself in a classroom at Detroit’s Henry Ford Community College on Good Friday….…The bodies and a sawed-off shotgun were found in a empty classroom. Police do not believe anyone was in the room at the time of the shooting.  Initially the local authorities were dispatched over a reported assault and shortly after shots were fired, reports The Detroit News. Lieutenant  William Leavens of the Dearborn Police Department was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene in the Grant McKenzie Fine Arts building.  He was just 30 feet away from the classroom when he heard the final shot that killed Powell.

“We were going as quickly as we could, but by that time it was too late for her,” Leavens said. “He had done what he was going to do before anybody had a chance to respond.” According to the Associated Press, Henry Ford’s vice president, Marjorie Swan confirmed the 17,000 students of the commuter school were alerted through e-mail and text messages and the campus was locked down. “Nothing like this has ever occurred on campus,” Swan said. Christian Plonka, 12, who attends a theater program in the building, said he heard “one gunshot, and I saw someone getting pulled back into the room they were in.” McGowen and Powell were in the same theater course earlier that day and had taken part in a play together but the relationship between them is still unclear. “There is no evidence of a dating relationship,” Leavens said.

Powell, 28, was locally notorious and often criticized for his posted videos on YouTube that degraded black women and religious groups. Powell’s parents said their son was mentally ill and suffered through bouts of deep depression and tried to get him help. Asia’s father, Turahn McGowan, said his daughter was “beautiful, an aspiring actress and dancer” who was planning to audition for the Fox television competition “So You Think You Can Dance.” McGowan’s funeral has been scheduled for April 17 while funeral arrangements for Powell have not been disclosed.
“Our hearts go out to the family and the friends of the young woman who lost her life today,” Swan said.

F*ck Anthony Powell. His stupidity will be forgotten soon enough, f*cking weirdo.



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  • Mrs. Philly-The drought is over!!

    Sad…Rest in Peace young lady.

  • Testing 1...2...3

    I heard about this story last week. It is so sad.

  • Kia

    Ni**as is out here loosing they minds. Pu**y is driving NI’s to murder and suicide. This sh*t has to stop.

  • This some shhhh...

    RIP young sista. This guy ended your life before it started.

  • This some shhhh...

    Somebody tell me. If parents know their children are mentally disturded, then shouldn’t there be some kind of litmus test to see if they should be in the general public?

  • Just Sayin

    RIP baby girl…

  • dre from Cali

    I feel for the family. Damn.

  • Cute Face Chubby Waist

    wow RIP… sad people we have to stay prayed up!!

  • DICooper

    What is old boy doing in school at 28 years old though?

  • mild sauce head of my own tradition ™

    i know this Community school… damn !!!!!

  • Sanjor

    @Kia, where did you get that statement out of the news story?

  • J2201987

    I don’t mean to be an a**hole, but why is April the month to go on a shooting rampage in various schools??? (Columbine, VATech, FDU, Univ of Washington, etc…)

    May she R.I.P.

  • 5 ft. of madness

    Wow! you guys are really late on news this happened like last week.

  • whatsyoursecretdesireDOTcom

    SO SAD!!! How do you TRY to get help…every major city have free mental clinics..I THOUGHT. Too many mental patients are going off of their meds and losing their minds. It’s so sad.

  • c from stl

    @ DICooper

    It was a community college so people of any age past 18 could easily be at the school…

  • About it

    He was one sick mofo.
    The girl was young, pretty and had her whole life in front of her, a damn shame on this one.

  • natureboy601

    this is messed up, R.I.P., and condolences to the family

  • Anonymous


  • pow

    chris brown syndrome is spreading

  • Smoovee Sayz

    Oh man…what a lovely lady. Seriously. (RIP)
    Why cant these idiots just go and off themselves (Im saying if thats what they really want to do).
    Spare those who want to have and deserve a chance at life.

  • Frog-a-licious

    R.I.P. This is so sad damn!

  • brnhornet


  • canwepleasestopandreflect

    This is truly sad. It is already bad enough in Detroit, and here was a young woman going to school to pursue her dream, and still couldn’t escape this awful end. Prayers are needed here, not vindictiveness.

  • Lady Next Door

    I bewail things like this. I pray God blesses the families with peace.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!!™

    And….with 5 dots–

    I noticed the exact same thing. April seems to be the highest month for this type of tragedy.

    I’m telling you guys; we’re losing too many of our youth.

    Too many.

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