Wrath Of North West: A Gallery Of Everyone’s Favorite Mean Muggy Princess

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A Complete History Of North West’s Adorable Mean Mugginess

Princess Nori Kardashian-West is easily the prettiest toddler in all of Hollyweird who exudes an adorable I’m-better-than-you snootiness that’s made her everyone’s new favorite mean muggy zillionaire baby. Sorry Blue.

Hit the flip for a (hilarious) gallery of everyone’s favorite mean muggy (but adorable) toddler.

North: “Struggling to understand why you always look homeless, un-loved and musty, Blue. Aren’t you…rich? My parents would never!”

Blue: “Daddy put me down RIGHT NOW. IMMA HIT HER. LEMME GO!

“Blue Ivy cuter than me? Not with that very Jay Z-inspired face and orphan poof. You tried it”

“You’re too broke to even make eye contact with me. So, don’t”

Blue: “What you say, you greasy-haired Compass? Better be GLAD my daddy holding me back”

North: *whispers under breath* “You heard me, you dusty garanimal”

“I don’t understand why all these unworthy lessers are allowed to breathe the same air as me”

“Who is this rather unemployed looking thing walking up on me? Keri Hilson? And she wants to hold me? Tuhhhh”

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    “Birthday cakes are for peasants and poors. I want a flying pony. Pink. Covered with sprinkles”

    “So tired of Auntie Khloe’s stranger-danger boyfriend calling the house in the middle of night, waking me up and begging daddy for beats. Can’t wait until he dumps her on Twitter”

    “Ooo, Beyonce. Can I have her?”

    “My precious edges are melting away in this heat but mommy and daddy care more about their little Instagram Likes. Hate them both”

    “Is that Uncle Lamar over there hiding in the bushes again?”

    “I’m so tired of daddy’s yucky taco meat making physical contact with me. I’m too rich for this”

    “Can’t believe mommy did those yucky things with that capital Z-list trash bin Ray J. UGH. And now she wants to kiss ME?”


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