Hiding Something? 14 Rappers Who Have Been Called Gay…A Lot

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15 Rappers Who Have Been Called Gay…A Lot

For some reason, everyone is concerned about rappers being gay. Who’s the gay rapper? Who’s hiding? Sigh. It’s such a weird fascination. Well, with that said, here are some rappers who get widely called gay.

Lil B – He took the ball and ran with it with his I’m Gay album title.

Diddy – Xzibit, Superhead and even 50 have called him out for being a bit “suspect.”

Kanye West – There have always been rumors of him and a designer in Paris and his wardrobe has garnered some side eyes, too.

Daylyt – Well he’s out here saying that he wants to do things to Diddy so he’s really the only one calling himself gay.

Lil Wayne – He kissed Baby on the lips and does so consistently.

Birdman – He also kisses Wayne on the mouth so yeah…

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    Young Thug – Hmmm…why would anyone call him gay?

    Drake – There’s been enough memes and pics and accusations that he’s a male groupie to warrant the rumors.

    Andre 3000 – Back when he was just starting to rock the wigs and stuff, people started hitting him with the suspect side eye.

    Bow Wow – He had Twitpics that seemed to insinuate a guy was tugging on his drawls…but who knows what was really going on.

    Queen Latifah – Everyone has assumed she’s gay but she’s held on to her privacy for whatever reason.

    Childish Gambino – It’s the tight shorts…gotta be.

    A$AP Rocky – Look at his luscious locs. And his fashion.

    The Game – People have accused him of being gay after he was outed as a former exotic dancer…but isn’t that for the ladies?

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