Hiding Something? 14 Rappers Who Have Been Called Gay…A Lot

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"Diddy And Rick Ross Visit Pink Elephant In New York City"

15 Rappers Who Have Been Called Gay…A Lot

For some reason, everyone is concerned about rappers being gay. Who’s the gay rapper? Who’s hiding? Sigh. It’s such a weird fascination. Well, with that said, here are some rappers who get widely called gay.

lil b gay

Lil B – He took the ball and ran with it with his I’m Gay album title.


Diddy – Xzibit, Superhead and even 50 have called him out for being a bit “suspect.”


Kanye West – There have always been rumors of him and a designer in Paris and his wardrobe has garnered some side eyes, too.


Daylyt – Well he’s out here saying that he wants to do things to Diddy so he’s really the only one calling himself gay.

Rumored couple Christina Milian and Lil Wayne wrap up a low-key dinner date at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

Lil Wayne – He kissed Baby on the lips and does so consistently.

Nicki Minaj Tyga and Birdman

Birdman – He also kisses Wayne on the mouth so yeah…

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    Young Thug – Hmmm…why would anyone call him gay?


    Drake – There’s been enough memes and pics and accusations that he’s a male groupie to warrant the rumors.

    Benjamin Bixby AKA Andre 3000

    Andre 3000 – Back when he was just starting to rock the wigs and stuff, people started hitting him with the suspect side eye.


    Bow Wow – He had Twitpics that seemed to insinuate a guy was tugging on his drawls…but who knows what was really going on.


    Queen Latifah – Everyone has assumed she’s gay but she’s held on to her privacy for whatever reason.

    don glover

    Childish Gambino – It’s the tight shorts…gotta be.


    A$AP Rocky – Look at his luscious locs. And his fashion.

    Rapper The Game Pours Two bottles of Gold Champagne which cost $1400 per Bottle on the pavement as he was leaving the Roxbury night club in Hollywood, CA

    The Game – People have accused him of being gay after he was outed as a former exotic dancer…but isn’t that for the ladies?

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