Some New Year’s Swirl

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Reggie Bush has been trying to keep Kim Kardashian on the low for a while but things have changed. The couple was spotted at Mansion nightclub in Miami swapping spit in front of the crowd.

This must be Kim’s favorite position.

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  • Diva


    Oh and Reggie is a loser

  • v8splash

    It does not matter if he dates black girls or not. He at least needs to get a chick who can back it up with out holding on to something!!!!!!!

  • nc07

    that first p[icture is hilarious!

  • Nia

    The nasty hoe and the sell out!!

  • WhoCares


  • q&a

    Does he even date sisters? You already know the answer to that question.

    They seem to want the world to know they are a couple with their antics. NEXT!

  • Stephy

    They reported on 107.9 (Atlanta) they are in engaged. I think they make a nice couple, you all are haters!!!

    Happy F*cking New Year!


    LOL Kim Kardashian is mad pretty she just can’t help that she’s a freak. Can you blame her? I mean the more whorish she acts the more publicity she attracts. Which means more dollars in her pocket. She knows whats good.

  • ko

    reggie bush is one lucky mofo!!!

  • http://yahoo missy

    i like kim i think she is misunderstood, you go girl, reggie is HOT!!!!!!!!

  • Brandy's Eyes

    why reggie!

  • Heyzhel


    I love this!

  • ayo

    the worst part is that he looks GENUINELY in like/love with her. wow… dummy.

  • Lou Gossip

    There is nothing pretty about Kim’s face.

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    I wonder what Ray J thing about this

  • Eva Kneva

    2008 prediction: white women/black men swirl is played out. moving on.

  • Mocha

    Reggie is dumb. Kim is an attention seeking ho.

    NEXT! —->

  • John

    What do he see in her???? He can do a lot better!!!

  • Nicole

    KIM is really pretty there is no argument there, however, she is 100% certified valley girl airhead, which simply indicates Reggie just doesn’t need any deeper conversations/swapping of intillect with his woman.

  • Mocha


  • John


  • Jaycee

    Kim is a beautiful girl. Frankly, she looks like a sister with her olive skin color and shape. They look like a good couple and I wish them well.

  • RaRa


  • sweetpea

    everyone knows that kim likes a black man,and everyone knows reggie dosent like black women so whats the big deal? all i have to say is KIm you do you girl!!

  • DDub

    I don’t have a problem with this. Ray-J was the one who sold that tape–we know that much. She hasn’t done anything else out of the ordinary. Dancing on her dude hardly constitute hoeish behavior. He’s been with her constantly, and you haven’t been hearing anything about him creepin’ so why is he a loser now? ‘o8 Don’t hate.

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