Uhhh, Wut? 15 Reasons Why Celebs Probably Shouldn’t Speak On Social Issues

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15 Good Reasons Why Celebs Should Avoid Speaking On Social Issues

After years of watching not-so-smart celebs speak out on social ills (and fail miserably), it may be time for them to SHUT UP and spare us all from their small-minded and mostly head-scratching “thoughts” despite their influence.

Hit the jump for fifteen reasons why celebs probably shouldn’t speak on social issues.

No more words Draya. Just pics, please.

Love doesn’t stop rubber bullets from hitting peaceful protestors, Jhene. Sorry.

Remember when Tito Jackson tweeted this moments after a catastrophic tsunami in Japan?

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    (response to Twitter activism)

    But BUT…Nevermind.


    It actually kinda makes perfect sense but yea…


    The Chinas? How she won Ms. Universe we may never know.


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