Fill in The Blank: Nick Cannon’s New Year’s Party

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Nick Cannon hosted a New Year’s party last night in Miami and someone forgot to tell him the peace sign went out of style with BBD.

Fill in The Blank: The most played out thing in 07′ that you want to be stopped is ________________.

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  • Really

    Uhmm The peace sign wentout of style? When? I see everyone still doing it. No, I dont do it.

  • Chickostick

    Pants hang low w/ raggedy ass drawers showing!!!! That is sooooooo out!!!

  • 90210

    kim kardashian

  • TT

    Nick Cannon, Selita, Rihanna, Marques Houston, Chris Stokes, Raz-B and Ricky Romance stories. Omarion gets a pass!

  • LJ

    Corny negroes trying to be “gangsta”

  • anonymous

    “the most played out thing on ’07 that you want to be stopped is….”

    Nick Cannon.

  • just ice

    “the most played out thing in ’07…”

    tired-ass beyonce , of course. she was played out in ’06.

  • anonymous

    The most played out thing in 2007 is…….

    All these artist that have little or no talent (e.g. Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston)

  • A True Gem "Never Tell A Woman it is Over"

    The most played out thing that should stay in 07..

    Black men and the self hate, Black, White and Asian people have their share of problems. Why Black men are the first ones too throw stones when they live in a glass house, is beside me.

    James Brown said it best, I am Black and I am Proud.

    Go get some self esteem. Happy New Year!

  • glitterweave

    rappers and other folks getting in trouble with the law. got money and still don’t know how to act SMH

    rap videos with buck naked women running wild…….. the list can go on for days….

  • SantanaCaress

    Okay, so he is annoying…but he is just a corny guy making money. Whats the big deal?

  • NaturalFromHead2Toe

    I want the words “hate, hater, hatin'” to go the hell away in ’08.

  • Shootingstar

    What should be left in 2007?

    -People snapping gum: the most uncouth, disgusting habit ever.

    -Young black men not opening doors for sistas.

    -Any apprehension about interracial dating, especially by sistas

    -People having their kids play in hallways instead of getting off of their asses and taking them to a park

  • DR. FUNK

    ED HARDY merch…tatts…WILDIN’ OUT…brothas n sistahs seeking fame/infamy instead of GENERATIONAL FORTUNE.

  • Miss Dee

    -Young black men not opening doors for sistas.

    Thank You Shootingstar!

    Show some RESPECT to a young black woman in ’08! I am so tired of the same ole lame game SOME of yall throw at us…Black women lets get it together in 2008. Black men….PlEASE…show the world that you are talented, strong, hard working, and a provider for your families…Anit nothing wrong with trying to be something other than a rapper/thug.

  • Ranbow


    I want the words “hate, hater, hatin’” to go the hell away in ‘08.



    kim kardashian


    Agreeing wholeheartly with the two above comments.

  • hope

    I’m sick of diamonds… for real. I’d like to see a jewelry free year. Just because you have a pinky ring doesn’t mean you have talent.

  • Queen Bee

    I think you should leave behind anything that was proven not to work for you in your life. It is a new year, new things, good thing to come! If your hating ways did not work for you, then leave them behind for example. Find a new road to follow- I know I will be looking for that new, higher ground.

  • Bird

    The most played out thing in 07′ that you want to be stopped is ________________.

    No Cents (please please please disappear)

    B the Glamor Girl (tone it down in ’08)

    Those damn Flavor of Love Girls (your 15 mins been over)

  • Da R

    The most played out thing in ’07 that you want to be stopped is

    rihanna haters. face it. beyonce is OVER. and it’s all because of “Little Miss Sunshine, Rihanna where you at!”

  • THE HATE!!!!!!

    YOU are the most played out thing in 07. YOU sit behind a computer screen and take the time out of YOUR pathetic life to give YOUR *stank’n azz* opinion about everybody else’s business. YOUR miserable and have way to much time on your hands. YOU care soooooo much about who’s sleeping with who and behind who’s back. its disgusting. to be honest YOUR a damn HATER. but you cant admit it. y

  • scottyo

    at the end of the day.Please stop sayin that.

  • scottyo


  • scottyo


  • Joey

    Agree to all of the above, plus Jena 6. Bafoons!

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